Sustainability Engagement Manager - University of Essex

Duties of the Role
You will provide operational and professional leadership of the sustainability engagement and behavioural change function, develop and lead on the delivery of the Sustainability Engagement Plan and create innovative, meaningful ways to engage and achieve behavioural change with staff and students on all aspects of sustainability. You will encourage and facilitate change with sections, teams and departments by gaining a significant understanding of their challenges and opportunities, creating strong, long-lasting relationships and networks across the University to educate and empower others to make changes and contribute to the University’s sustainability aspirations.
Maximising touch points through the entire student/staff lifecycle, including recruitment, pre-arrivals and inductions you will engage with staff and students to create lasting sustainability and environmental behavioural change. You will create carbon literacy and sustainability training for all new and existing staff and students and lead the implementation and development of the Sustainable Essex Awards programme, the University’s staff engagement scheme to support the University’s community to normalise sustainability and embed environmentally-conscious behaviours.
You will work on:
  • Overseeing the sustainability’s digital presence.
  • Providing a means of continuous consultation and feedback with our community.
  • Collecting and analysing data to draw conclusions from engagement and behavioural change activities.
  • Regularly communicating progress and behavioural change opportunities with the University community.

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