Academic papers launched

The academic sessions which have been selected for the EAUC Annual Conference 2018 have been included in a special edition of the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education.

We have partnered with Emerald Publishing and are now delighted to announce that the academic sessions which have been selected for the EAUC Annual Conference 2018 have been included in a special edition of the International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education.

The papers published which can be fully accessed include:
  • Student-led Environmental Management System in Chiba University
This paper aims to explain the student-led environmental management system (EMS) based on ISO14001 which Chiba University has continued for 15 years and can be accessed here
  • Collaboration for Transition between TVET and University: A Proposal
This paper aims to reflect critically on the existing literature on TVET, in the global and national context, and the experiences of students and TVET experts, to develop a model of collaboration between the polytechnic institutes and the universities in Bangladesh. The full paper can be read here.
  • Using Vertically Integrated Projects to Embed Research-based Education for Sustainable Development in Undergraduate Curricula
This paper aims to share the University of Strathclyde’s experience of embedding research-based education for sustainable development (RBESD) within its undergraduate curricula and can be accessed here
  • Universities as the engine of transformational sustainability toward delivering the Sustainable Development Goals: ‘Living Labs’ for Sustainability
Using a multiple case study approach, this study aims to explore different ways of strategizing sustainability toward delivering the SDGs are explored in a university setting with an example from the UK, Bulgaria (Europe) and USA. Read the full paper here
  • Liverpool Knowledge Quarter Sustainability Network: Case Study
This paper aims to study the development of the Liverpool Knowledge Quarter Sustainability Network (KQSN) and can be read here
  • Classroom collaborations: enabling sustainability education via student-community co-learning
This study aims to explore co-learning classes, a novel approach to leveraging universities’ capacity to contribute to the local sustainable development agenda whilst enhancing students’ learning. Find out more here
  • The importance of University, Students and Students’ Union partnerships in student-led projects - a case study
This paper aims to explore a single-institution case study of partnership working between students, the University and Students’ Union, through four student-led sustainability projects. Read the full paper here


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