International Green Skills Conference: Skills for a changing world

Date 28 September 2023 09:00 - 17:00
Venue Imperial College London
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Reaching net zero will have a huge impact on the workforce over the next 30 years. In the UK alone, around 6.3 million jobs (about one in five) are likely to be affected by the transition to a green economy, with workers experiencing either an increase or decrease in the demand for their skills.

Similar shifts are already being seen across the world: LinkedIn’s job postings requiring green skills have grown by 8% per year globally in recent years.

Education systems will be crucial in equipping young people and adult learners for careers that support the transition to net zero and the restoration of biodiversity. Input from businesses is needed to ensure that learners and trainees leave their education systems with the skills that employers require for these green jobs. Many countries are currently grappling with these changes and how best to respond to them, and there is significant scope for shared learning.

Hosted in partnership between the UK Government Department for Education and Times Higher Education, the International Green Skills Conference explores the challenges and opportunities that are coming to light with the development of green skills training and green career pathways.

The conference brings together the key groups needed to meet these challenges and make the most of these opportunities: the further and higher education sectors, businesses, policymakers, young people, adult learners and international partners. Join us to develop partnerships across sectors and countries to accelerate green skills provision for our changing world.

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