Communication Training on Aviation & Climate Justice

Date 11 June 2022 09:00 - 12 June 2022 17:00
Venue London
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Applications open now: Join Stay Grounded's Communication Training on Aviation & Climate Justice and our global network of activists campaigning for a just transport system.

The free training weekend for UK activists and campaigners will take place on 11-12 June in London: and you can now apply.

We can provide overnight accommodation in London and travel costs from around the UK.

What is it about? 
  • Free training about aviation & climate justice, greenwashing, just transition and grounding organisations' travel policies
  • Reflection on how to talk about aviation and how to counter the industry's greenwashing with our own strong narratives for a fair planet
  • Creating a network of multipliers in Europe who support each other to give workshops, start campaigns, or actions on aviation and climate justice
  • Part of our project 'Reframe, Rethink, Reshape' and based on our upcoming guide 'Common Destination - Reframing aviation to ensure a safe landing and lay the tracks towards a fair planet'

Who is it for? 
  • Activists engaged in struggles against airport expansions or campaigns for a fairer mobility system
  • Climate justice activists who wish to engage more with aviation
  • Communicators who wish to reflect and expand on their framing of aviation and climate justice
  • Anyone looking for a new way to join the movement against aviation together with like-minded campaigners

You can find more info and apply here!

Stay Grounded is an international network for more than 180 initiatives around the world. We campaign for a reduction of aviation and its negative impacts, as well as against problematic strategies like offsetting emissions and biofuels.
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