Connecting Civic to Climate Action

Date 22 March 2022 14:00 - 15:30
Venue Virtual
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This practically focused event drew on the collective expertise of the Civic University Network and the EAUC to explore the role of universities in developing and delivering appropriate responses to climate change.

Drawing on sector examples of both best practice and lessons learnt, this session will aim to help universities to identify connections and cross-overs with climate action strategies on campus, and their civic commitment.

The meeting was chaired by:
Natalie Day, Head of Policy and Strategy, Civic Universities Network and Iain Patton, CEO, EAUC

They were joined by:
  • Professor Sir Ian Boyd, former Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, now Professor in Biology at the University of St. Andrews
  • Professor Susan Lea, Vice Chancellor, University of Hull
  • Nick Gant, Founder Community21 - Social and Sustainable Design Research Group, University of Brighton
Presenatations from Ian Boyd and Nick Gant can be downloaded below, you will also find a list of upcoming events and resources from both the Civic Universities Network and EAUC in a downloadable document. 

The video recordings of the whole event, and individual videos for each speaker can be watched below:


Professor Sir Ian Boyd - University of St Andrews

Professor Susan Lea - University of Hull

Nick Gant - University of Brighton
Delivered by EAUC