Indicators for Climate Impact: Developing and Using Indicators to Promote Change

Date 9 December 2021
Venue Webinar
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Indicators can be powerful tools for promoting awareness and change in climate communication and education, and for promoting broader action on environmental sustainability. They can convey information about climate-related commitments, efforts and activities to a wide array of stakeholders. They can help global, national and local policymakers and NGOs to establish benchmarks, set measurable targets, and monitor progress. They can support greater transparency about past resource allocations and contribute to discussions about where future efforts and resources should be directed.

To ensure that indicators address the concerns of diverse groups and promote positive impacts, critical reflection and knowledge sharing is needed both during their development and use.

This MECCE Project webinar will stimulate discussion about these issues with two presentations, followed by audience interaction.

In the first presentation, Mr Albert Motivans will provide insights from Equal Measures 2030, a civil society and private sector-led data and advocacy initiative, that is localizing a diverse set of indicators to promote change across key issues in the Sustainable Development Goals.

In the second presentation, Mr Augustine Kenduiwo will discuss Kenya’s National Climate Change Learning Strategy and its links with Kenya’s Monitoring, Reporting and Verification Plus system.

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