Universities in action for the UN 2030 Agenda

Date 18 January 2022 09:00 - 17:00
Venue Dubai
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During the Forum promoted by the Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development (ASviS) on January 18th 2022, within the Global Goals Week at EXPO 2020 DUBAI – Italian pavilion – an event organized by the Rete delle Università per lo Sviluppo sostenibile (RUS) dedicated to sustainability: students will present their ideas for the university in 2030 and higher education institutions will share best practices to
actively contribute to the UN Decade of Action.

The commitment of Universities to sustainability becomes particularly effective when teaching and research, as well as public engagement and the governance, aim to reach the same objectives and goals.  This awareness is at the basis of the Rete delle Università per lo Sviluppo sostenibile – RUS (the Italian University Network for Sustainable Development), an unprecedented experience of coordination and sharing among all Italian universities engaged in the issues of
environmental sustainability and social responsibility.  Among the main purposes of RUS is the dissemination of culture and good sustainability practices, both inside and outside. Universities, sharing skills and experience, in order to amplify both the positive impacts of the actions implemented by the individual universities and the promotion of the SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals - in order to help in their achievement.

At the same time, RUS is conscious that only 10 years are left to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals; therefore, it is more important than ever for the global community to mobilise for accelerated action. What are universities effectively already doing in order to achieve the goals set for 2030? What kind of university do students envision for the future? One way to measure the progress is to focus on the “Ps” that shape the SDGs, in particular RUS is concentrating its efforts on 3 of them: People, Planet and Prosperity.

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