Roundtable meeting for EAUC Key Contacts and Fellows

Date 7 October 2021 14:00 - 15:30
Venue Online
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This is an invitation only event!

Hosted by senior EAUC staff and Board members, this meeting will include a blend of high-level insight and input to EAUC and wider sector policy and initiative direction. It will include updates from the Board and Fellows on key strategic EAUC initiatives, and opportunities for you to engage with and shape them.
We know that you are busy and it can be hard to keep up and engage with all our work, so we hope that this format will be a good use of your valuable time to get critical insight and opportunity to find out more on areas that are of interest or you can signpost to your staff and team.

1. EAUC introductions and summary of the agenda 

2. Diversity and EAUC
For information: Eunice Simmons, Chair of the People & Performance Sub-Committee at EAUC, will provide an update on our ongoing work to improve diversity, both in the EAUC and in the wider sector.

ACTION - Seeking your input into any diversity work you are aware of that we should be engaging with

3. Emissions Calculation and Reporting
For information: Introducing the EAUC’s Advancing Sector Emission’s Alignment Research and Development Programme and outlining the forthcoming Science-Based Target Guidance and Verification Programme. The future of the HESA EMR data will be also addressed.

For Action: Seeking your input to the new Programmes outlined above and your thoughts on the future of EMR

4. The future of EAUC events and training opportunities
For information: The EAUC business model is struggling with the loss of physical events for 2020 and 2021. In a few months, we will commence development of the next 5 - year Strategic Plan and wish to understand how we might best support members events needs and fund their delivery?

For Action: For the next 12 months, what is the appetite for physical and virtual events? Are there particular events for which you would only consider virtual or physical delivery? Regional networking, Topic-focussed networking, leadership training, conferencing, Project Steering Groups, Climate Literacy Training, Mentoring, etc

5. AOB
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