Between a rock and a wet place: putting carbon back into geological storage - University of Oxford

Date 1 March 2021 13:00 - 14:00
Venue Online
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The cycle of carbon between the Earth’s surface and its deep interior is a key component of our goldilocks planet. Without it we would not have life or water on the planet today. Natural carbon burial has provided us with the fossil fuels we have used to develop our technologically advanced society, but through greenhouse gas emissions, it is also rapidly starting to degrade the quality of life on the planet. To bring this cycle back into balance we need not only to cut emissions but also accelerate the natural return of CO2 back to the Earth. There is a plethora of methods for doing this.

In the 7th discussion in the Oxford Net Zero Series, hosted by the Oxford Martin School, Professor Mike Kendall and Professor Ros Rickaby, will debate two approaches: increasing the uptake of CO2 in our oceans and CO2 sequestration in subsurface geologic reservoirs.

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