Travel Better Package

Date First Broadcast Date 24 March 2020 11:00 - 12:00
Venue Virtual

Amid the climate crisis it is imperative that we reduce the amount we fly to lower our carbon emissions.  Within the sector, regular air travel to attend conferences and conduct research is often encouraged. However, the current trend of air travel cannot continue if we are to limit a global temperature increase to 1.5% °C and strive toward net zero carbon emissions.

This introductory webinar looks at a newly developed Travel Better Package. The package has been designed to support the further and higher education sector in addressing flight emissions.
The package consists of three related documents:

  • a Travel Better pledge,
  • a Question and Answer tool addressing concerns individuals may have about reducing air travel and
  • a tool to properly justify air travel for business in the further and higher education sector.

A focus of the webinar will be to offer practical guidance on how to use the business travel justification tool.

Decision trees allow one to assess whether or not to fly to a conference. This particular tool provides support once you have reached the end of a decision tree, by helping you determine the personal importance of attending a particular conference or event after you have established that there are no alternatives to flying.

Join us to hear more about this exciting new tool and how to best use it.

EAUC-S Travel Better Package Webinar

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