Accelerating the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa

Date 5 March 2020 09:00 - 6 March 2020 17:00
Venue South Africa

Despite the fact that teaching and research on the SDGs important, and may deliver decision-making tools for future oriented action and for a sustainable society, there is at present a need to strenghten and accelerate the initiatives from African higher education institutions in this key area.

It is against this background that the Symposium “Accelerating the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa” is organised  by the Inter-University Sustainable Development Research Programme, the World Sustainable Development Research and Training Centre, the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and the University of South Africa (Unisa), in cooperation with a number of  institutions active in this field. It will involve educators and researchers in the field of sustainable development in the widest sense, from business and economics, to arts and fashion, administration, environment, languages and media studies.

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