Smart Ventilation

Date 24 February 2020 09:00 - 17:00
Venue University of Northumbria, Newcastle City Campus

This workshop is similar to, and builds on the experience of, previous events held at the Universities of Birmingham and Bristol which received great feedback from attendees. It explores how developments in information, management, technology and other areas are creating opportunities to greatly reduce ventilation-related energy consumption in laboratories, with significant financial and performance benefits. In particular it aims to:

1. Develop a good understanding of how laboratory ventilation works, and opportunities to use this knowledge to identify:
  • Relatively simple actions that require little funding.
  • More complex actions that require some capital spend but not a complete redesign.
  • Fundamental actions that require significant capital spend and which will be normally be part of a major refurbishment or new build.
2. Make the case that more ambitious and co-ordinated laboratory ventilation improvement initiatives can create significant energy and financial benefits for universities, making it easier for them to achieve their energy and carbon targets (currently voluntary but possibly mandatory in future). 

3. Facilitate discussion and networking between sustainability champions, estates engineers and project managers, and suppliers to develop capacity and lay the basis for more joined-up initiatives in universities. 

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Delivered by EAUC