Salix Colleges Workshop 2019 London

Date 29 November 2019 10:00 - 16:00
Venue Capital Cities Colleges Group, London

We are pleased to announce that Salix will be hosting another round of College Workshops in 2019!

Throughout last years workshops we engaged with various further education colleges across England, covering a range of topics including how low carbon technologies can be used to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions and how Salix’s interest-free loans can help with the upfront costs of installations.The events provided a key opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing around sustainability and energy efficiency projects.

This year, Salix will dive deeper into energy efficiency in the further education sector, exploring how these projects can help to generate financial savings for colleges, as well as benefiting students and the wider carbon agenda.

Each workshop will include breakout sessions and exemplar case studies from successful projects will be presented to offer guidance and inspiration to support your estates and sustainability plans.

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