Carbon Literacy in the Further and Higher Education Sector

Date 17 September 2019 09:30 - 17:00
Venue University of Edinburgh Charteris Land

Reducing emissions relies on every single person in an organisation being aware of the carbon impacts of their choices, and feeling motivated and supported to take action. 

A Carbon Literacy course is a day's worth of learning on climate change and is a great way to ensure your staff have the knowledge and skills to get involved in your organisation's low carbon journey. This course is tailored to the university and college audience to make it relevant, and to support learners to identify practical steps they can take. 

This course is a taster session for learners to become Carbon Literate, but also explore how the approach could benefit their organisation.  This course is particularly designed to showcase a wider than normal range of training materials to show how you can adapt Carbon Literacy to suit your organisation and tailor it to maximise the benefits. Organisations that take part in the project by training a number of staff embed sustainability into everything they do, whether through behaviour change, policy or strategic decisions.

By the end of the course you will:

  • Understand the basics of climate change science and how we know its a problem
  • Have explored how climate change is impacting us all now and how it will in the future
  • Know what's being done about it at a variety of levels from international, national and locally
  • Be able to identify ways that you and your organisation can take action to reduce emissions, benefiting from this in the process
  • Understand how having a Carbon Literate workforce could benefit your organisation, and how being a Carbon Literate Organisation could benefit your business and what you do

This course has been accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project and attendees can submit evidence to become certified as Carbon Literate. 

Keep Scotland Beautiful, who will deliver this course, are pioneering Carbon Literacy in Scotland and are recognised by The Carbon Literacy Project as the only Carbon Literate Training Organisation (CLTO ) in Scotland, demonstrating their commitment and competence to support the development of Carbon Literacy initiatives for a range of audiences.

Delivered by EAUC