CIWM Waste Smart Training - Foundation and Advanced Level

Date 17 February 2016 08:45 - 17:15
Venue University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
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This training session is suitable for both Foundation and Advanced level delegates to participate in accredited CIWM training. Most modules are shared, with the Advanced delegates participating in an extended session as outlined below.

Foundation Course

The Foundation level of the course is aimed at anyone who generates, handles or manages waste as part of their role within the organisation. It provides the information necessary to make astute and efficient waste related decisions, whilst increasing sustainability and improving performance.

This version of the course consists of 5 sessions, the duration of which is 4 hours plus time to complete the assessment. Foundation level candidates will have completed the course and assessment around 3.30pm.

The sessions included are:

Waste as a resource

Identifying different types of wastes and their legal definition, and exploring the idea that wastes can be a resource with a potential value

The environmental impact of waste

Explores how unsustainable our reliance on virgin materials is, and considers what we do with our wastes and how this can impact on the environment

The cost of managing waste

Explains the hidden costs of managing wastes and the real cost of waste disposal

Understanding and applying the Waste Hierarchy

This session will assist delegates on how they can use the Waste Hierarchy to identify different options for managing wastes within the workplace

Legislation and compliance

Gives a fundamental understanding of the different legislation and legal duties that apply to anyone handing waste as part of their job


Advanced Course

As well as containing the same content as the Foundation certificate, the Advanced course includes three additional sessions. Every organisation has a different way of dealing with their waste based on the type and amount that is produced, and the Advanced option is aimed at delegates whose role deals predominantly with the management of wastes within their business, and whose decisions have the ability to influence a significant level of change within company policy and routine.

The Advanced course consists of 8 sessions, the duration of which is 6 hours plus time to complete the assessment. Advanced level candidates will have completed the course and assessment around 5.15pm.

The course includes the sessions above as well as:

How to identify opportunities to reduce waste in the workplace

Gives a clear understanding of how to plan and carry out a basic waste audit

Managing resources and wastes in the workplace

Identifying and planning improvements that will come as a result of the waste audit findings

How to demonstrate improvements

Understand how to monitor and evaluate your waste as part of a long-term strategy, and why this is important for continued efficiency and sustainability


Each course concludes with a short assignment based on applying knowledge from the course in a given case study to draw out each delegate's understanding of legal compliance, applying the waste hierarchy and implementing and monitoring improvements.

Please select the level you wish to sit when booking your place. If you have any questions please email Rebecca on


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