View live online - Embedding Positive Attitudes and Behaviours Community of Practice launch event

Date 17 November 2011 10:00 - 16:00
Venue University of Leicester, Charles Wilson Building

This event is now full but you can now view it online...

This is the launch event for the Embedding Positive Attitudes and Behaviours Community of Practice and is free for all EAUC Members. You'll find the agenda below. This is being chaired by Dr Sandra Lee, Convenor of the group.

Aims of the launch event

  • For members to meet and network
  • To establish the shared goals and develop an annual plan for the Community
  • For members to learn more about the complex subject of behaviour change and how to achieve it in their organisation
  • For members to leave armed with knowledge and inspiration to start or progress their own behaviour change journey.


During the day, we have a number of presentations. The aims for these are:

  • Clarify what behaviour change entails - a look at the psychology of behaviour change so that people understand that change takes time, needs repetition, prompts, etc
  • Learn about behaviour change models / 3 step processes to achieve it
  • Case study of an institution that have embedded it into teaching and learning as well as every day practice


We will also be facilitating a number of workshops which include:

Taking the COP forward
Here you will discuss how members want to share the information, engage with one another and develop this group further to get the maximum benefit for all.

Identifying your next step
A session where people can rate themselves using a Matrix with various criteria. This will help people identify the areas they first need to put their attention to.

How to develop an action plan / scoping report
Practical advice and case studies: how do you undertake the measure and monitoring, how do you carry out surveys, how do you develop an action plan, etc.

Final presentations

The final part of the day will include a fantiastic presentation by Futerra which will liven us up and inspire us with some case studies and communication ideas.

We'll then end with a session bringing the group discussions together so that members leave knowing what to expect from the community. We may also elect a secretary to assist with delivering the plan.

Take a look at the full agenda below.

Live event broadcast

The launch event is now full but we are pleased to announce a low carbon/convenient option for those of you that live miles away or couldn’t spare the whole day. The event will be broadcast live online at on Thursday 17 November from 10am.

What’s more, online participants will be able to interact by asking questions and making comments via the chat facility. Each presentation will also be recorded so they will be available after the event for those unable to attend in person or virtually.

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