Sector groups

We unite the sector under one powerful and meaningful voice to ensure sustainability is high on the sector’s agenda. We work closely with other sector agencies and organisations to ensure we all work collaboratively and share good practice. We represent our members’ voice on a variety of groups, both nationally and internationally.

If the EAUC did not exist, you would not have a voice at these tables – to be included at this level shows the respect our sector holds for the EAUC and our members.

The EAUC and its members are represented on a variety of groups within the sector. Here’s how we represent members:

Name of Group


2050 Climate Group

Representing the young professionals sector within climate change. Engaging with young people in order to inspire and educate them on leading Scotland towards a low carbon society

ACT Travel Wise

Collaborative meetings between the Travel and Transport Topic Support Network and ACT TravelWise Scotland to allow travel expertise and opportunities to be shared between FHE representatives and those working on all sectors

Aldersgate Group The Aldersgate Group is an alliance of leaders from business, politics and civil society that drives action for a sustainable economy. Our members include some of the largest businesses in the UK with a collective global turnover of over £400bn, leading NGOs, professional institutes, public sector bodies, trade bodies and politicians from across the political spectrum. EAUC is a member of the Aldersgate Group to represent our members.

Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE) Sustainable Development Group

Directing AUDE sustainability, research and activity

Climate Leaders Officer Group

Providing operational support to Public Sector Climate Leaders Forum (PSCLF), working in partnership to develop improved public sector support mechanisms

Cycling Scotland Cycle Friendly Campus Steering Group

Supporting cycling in FHE through development grants and establishment of the Cycle Friendly Campus Award

English Learning Sustainability Alliance (ELSA)

To bring together representatives of England’s key stakeholder groups with interests in learning and sustainability to inform national debates and influence policy and practice

Food for Life Scotland (Schools)

To bring schools, nurseries, hospitals and care homes, and their surrounding communities together around the core ethos of healthy and sustainable food

Higher Education Academy (HEA) Sustainable Development Advisory Group

To support HEA embed sustainable development more widely through itself and its subject centres

Higher Education Estates Associations Forum (HEEAF)

Facilitated by AUDE, includes EAUC, AUE,

Learning for Sustainability (LfS) Scotland

To deliver ESD through encouraging information
exchange and collaboration

NUS Responsible Futures

Providing input to the steering group to help guide the programme with helping students embed sustainability the learning experience

NUS Students' Green Fund (SGF)

Provides students’ unions with the funding to develop transformative, student-led sustainability projects with impact and legacy

Platform for Sustainability Performance in Education

Brings together organisations with sustainability assessment tools designed to support global universities and colleges

Scotland Sustainable Network

To represent the views of HE/FE within the public sector sustainability network steering group

Scottish Association for University Directors of Estates (SAUDE)

EAUC-Scotland works closely to support SAUDE activities, including the six monthly conference on general estates matters

Sustainable Development Alliance for the Learning and Skills Sector (SDALS)

To coordinate and align sector activity

UK Healthy Universities Network As part of a global movement, the UK Healthy Universities Network supports its members to develop and implement ‘whole university’ approaches to health, wellbeing and sustainability.
UKSSD UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development (UKSSD) is an open platform that supports public, private and voluntary organisations working towards sustainable development in the UK. The EAUC is a member of UKSSD to represent our members.
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