Support and Advisory Service

The EAUC-Scotland’s Sustainability Support and Advisory Service provides affordable, tailored, one-to-one support for Universities and Colleges.
EAUC-Scotland has been working closely with the sector for a number of years, developing a wealth of knowledge, resources, and contacts. Establishing the Support and Advisory Service means we now have the capacity to support Institutions to deliver individual Projects.
Benefits of delivering your Project through the Support and Advisory Service will:
  • Benefit from EAUC-Scotland’s expertise in interpreting your needs and identifying existing resources which could support you
  • Be reassured that a staff member or Partner with proven skill and sector experience will be delivering your Project
  • Have the security that EAUC-Scotland will manage the Project from the scoping stage, through contracting and delivery, to final completion.
  • Support the generation of knowledge within the sector, as EAUC-Scotland will work to gather case studies and resources and share these widely to benefit future Projects
  • Support the EAUC-Scotland Office financially with no additional charges to your Project

Support is delivered by the EAUC-Scotland Team and a trusted team of Support and Advisory Service Partners, who have a range of skills and recent experience of supporting environmental and social sustainability projects within the public sector in Scotland. Support can be either face-to-face (with travel costs chargeable) or virtual.

Examples of Support and Advisory Services: 
  • Awareness Campaigns
  • Behaviour Change Projects
  • Capacity Building
  • Effective Governance Advice
  • Focus Groups
  • Project Evaluation & Monitoring
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Carbon Management Projects
  • Climate Change Plans
  • Data Reviews and Analysis
  • Energy Efficiency Projects
  • PBCCD Reporting Assistance
  • Technical and Energy Surveys
  • Tool & Model Development
  • Communications Planning
  • Curriculum Design
  • Facilitated Meetings
  • Guidance Materials 
  • Policy Interpretation
  • Staff Training and Workshops
  • Strategy & Plan Reviews

Support and Advisory Service Process:
  1. Contact the EAUC-Scotland Team to discuss your Project requirements
  2. EAUC-Scotland identify any existing resources which might help you deliver the Project, or elements of it, without additional support (covered by our free Sector Helpline service)
  3. EAUC-Scotland work with you to outline the scope of external support you require
  4. EAUC-Scotland identify one or more Support and Advisory Service Partners who are able to deliver the work, along with a fee for delivery for each proposal
  5. If you decide to go ahead, EAUC-Scotland and the Support and Advisory Service Partner work with you to agree the final scope of work and timescales for delivery
  6. EAUC issue you with a Contract for delivery of the work
  7. EAUC invoice you for the agreed Project Fee
  8. The Partner works with you to complete the work, providing regular updates to both you and EAUC-Scotland
  9. EAUC-Scotland undertake individual debriefs with you and the Partner to gather learning to support future Projects and improve the Support and Advisory Service

Please contact us directly to discuss your project.
Support and Advisory Service Contact Details:
Gillian Gibson
EAUC-Scotland Programme Coordinator
0131 474 0000
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