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A panel of twelve Chairs of University Boards and 2 Vice Chancellors have responded to EAUC’s call to review our Guide which was published 3 years ago. Led by the University of Edinburgh, Department for Social Responsibility and Sustainability, the EAUC project benefits from formal input from UUK, CUC and LFHE. Edition 2 of the Guide will be launched early summer this year.
Activity Background
Ten reasons to build resilience into the future of your university.

Economic, social and environmental sustainability is about assuring the future through developing resilience and adaptability in staff and students, through building coherence and synergies across all university operations, and ensuring our sector’s impact is beneficial at all levels.
Many universities already play a significant positive role through their governance, research, teaching and learning, campus management and use, business and investment, and their impact on staff, students and local community.

The aim of this guide is to demonstrate the business benefits that your university can capitalise on by making Sustainability Resilience and Opportunity a top team, top table issue, one that complements and enriches current agendas.

Our students are entering a world characterised by rapid change, uncertainty and risk in socio-economic and environmental conditions which will affect them throughout their professional and personal lives. As Higher Education Institutions, we a hold a unique position in society and have an important and influential role to play. What we also have is an opportunity, as a sector with a social conscience, to lead change in addressing the many challenges and opportunities educating citizens and decision-makers for tomorrow presents.

This guide has been developed by the Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC), with support from the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (LFHE) and the Committee of University Chairs (CUC); working together to lead change.
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Sustainability Exchange to further understand the ten benefits.

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