2008 Presentations

Please see below presentations from our 2008 Annual Conference.


Download file steve_egan_2.ppt
Monday 31st: Steve Egan (2.2Mb)
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Monday 31st 3pm Workshop A: Inspiring Action on Climate Change (7.3Mb)
Download file people_and_planet.ppt
Monday 31st 3pm Workshop B: Communicating Sustainability: Learning Lessons from People and Planet's Go Green Campaign (312Kb)
Download file eauc_conference_esta_crc_workshop_2008_03_31_v2.pdf
Monday 31st 3pm Workshop C: Managing your Campus to Benefit from the Carbon Reduction Commmitment (702Kb)
Download file salix_and_st_andrews.ppt
Monday 31st 3pm Workshop D: Effective Energy and carbon Reduction (10.8Mb)
Download file sara_macey.ppt
Monday 31st 3pm Workshop E: Environmental Management Systems: Encouraging and Rewarding Universities for Moving Towards Environmental Sustainability through Good Operational Practice (5.2Mb)
Download file eauc_living_well.ppt
Monday 31st 3pm Workshop F: Getting Sustainability into Staff Development (1.4Mb)
Download file c-scaipe_eauc_ppt_and_video_31-03-08.ppt
Monday 31st 3pm Workshop G: Education for Sustainability: Delivery and/or Content? (1.3Mb)
Download file eauc_presentation_-_agm.ppt
Monday 31st: AGM (535Kb)
Download file plymouth.ppt
Monday 31st 4pm Workshop A: How to be a 'Catalytic Converter' (1.5Mb)
Download file australia_sust.ppt
Monday 31st 4pm Workshop B: Learning from Australia (11.4Mb)
Download file 20080331_eauc_carbon_academy.ppt
Monday 31st 4pm Workshop C: The Carbon Academy: Harnessing the Enthusiasm of Student Officers to Reduce Energy Consumption in Students' Unions (7.5Mb)
Download file breeam_all.ppt
Monday 31st 4pm Workshop D:Sustainable Construction: Scope and Issues for a BREEAM scheme for FHE (5.9Mb)
Download file anna_latham_eauc_conference.ppt
Monday 31st 4pm Workshop E: Waste Legislation (1.7Mb)
Download file pp4sd.ppt
Monday 31st 4pm Workshop F: Professional Practice for Sustianable Development (PP4SD): Skills for Sustainability (1.9Mb)
Download file kerry_cox.ppt
Tuesday 1st: Learning from Australia: Professor Kerry Cox (491Kb)
Download file jimmyneil.ppt
Tuesday 1st: Sustainable Procurement: Jimmy Brannigan and Neil Smith (5.1Mb)
Download file rob_wye.ppt
Tuesday 1st: An Audience with your Funding Council: Rob Wye, LSC (283Kb)
Download file joanna_simpson.ppt
Tuesday 1st: An Audience with your Funding Council: Joanna Simpson, HEFCE (11Mb)
Download file andrew_chamberlain.ppt
Tuesday 1st: An Audience with your Funding Council: Andrew Chamberlain, SFC (8.2Mb)
Download file tim_boyes-watson.ppt
Tuesday 1st: Are We Meeting the Skills Needs of the Future?: Simon Hooton and Tim Boyes-Watson (112Kb)
Download file brian_chalkley.ppt
Tuesday 1st: Working Together: Campus, Curriculum and Community: Brian Chalkley (915Kb)
Download file employabliity.ppt
Tuesday 1st: Skills for Sustainability and Employability: Stephen Martin, Adam Cade, Andrew Brown (5.1Mb)
Download file di_dale_-_aoc.ppt
Tuesday 1st: Sustainability: A Contribution from Colleges: Di Dale (8.1Mb)
Download file 2008-04-01_eauc_reuse-workshop_danielamueller.ppt
Tuesday 1st: Workshop A: Reuse is Real Use: Waste Minimisation in Student Residences (1.3Mb)
Download file john_forster.ppt
Tuesday 1st: Workshop B: The State of the Campus: Learning from the Campus Sustainability Programme (148Kb)
Download file day_2_envirowise_c.ppt
Tuesday 1st: Workshop C: Dealing with Food Waste (520Kb)
Download file penny_townsend_kr.ppt
Tuesday 1st: Workshop E: The Energy Efficiency Accreditation Scheme (152Kb)
Download file brian_chalkley_workshop.ppt
Tuesday 1st: Workshop G: We're All Teachers Now? (7.3Mb)
Download file annie_hall.ppt
Wednesday 2nd: Delivering a Sustianable Built Environment: A Skills Perspective - Annie Hall (2.6Mb)
Download file lania_lynch.ppt
Wednesday 2nd: Learning from Australia: Lania Lynch (4.7Mb)
Download file john_sullivan_anueaucpresentation.ppt
Wednesday 2nd: Learning from Australia: John Sullivan (1.1Mb)
Download file darren_oconnell_sustainability_in_the_australian_vet_sector.pdf
Wednesday 2nd: Learning from Australia: Darren O'Connell (4Mb)
Download file networking.ppt
Wednesday 2nd: Workshop A: Networking with Regional Centres of Expertise (76Kb)
Download file fejohn_salter.ppt
Wednesday 2nd: Workshop B: FE in Focus (104Kb)
Download file tec.ppt
Wednesday 2nd: Workshop C: How Green is Green Energy and Display Energy Certification: Everything you Need to Know, Neil Moorcraft, TEC (3.8Mb)
Download file esd_ltd_eauc_decs_02apr08.pdf
Wednesday 2nd: Workshop C: How Green is Green Energy and Display Energy Certification: Everything you Need to Know, Sally Archer, ESD (353Kb)
Download file sustainable__responsible_estates_strategies_ds_080402.ppt
Wednesday 2nd: Workshop D: Sustainable and Responsible Estates Strategies (2.8Mb)
Download file potter.ppt
Wednesday 2nd: Workshop E: Tax Benefits: Making the Most of Your Travel Plan (256Kb)
Download file robertswithamcurriculum_1.ppt
Wednesday 2nd: Workshop F: Embedding Sustainability into the Curriculum (117Kb)
Download file daniela_tilbury_eauc_april_2008.ppt
Wednesday 2nd: A UN Decade of ESD - What difference will it make?: Daniella Tilbury (1.2Mb)
Download file patrick_mallon.ppt
Wednesday 2nd: Sustainability Benchmarking: Patrick Mallon (4.1Mb)
Download file patricia_broadfoot.ppt
Wednesday 2nd: Sustainability Benchmarking: Professor Patricia Broadfoot (53Kb)
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