Member benefits for student unions

The enormous potential of your student body can build a powerful voice on sustainability. EAUC membership can help your Student Union realise that potential.

Next steps:

  1. Use our powerful Sustainability Leadership Scorecard which is a planning and self-assessment tool that has specifically been designed to put the curriculum at the heart of your institution’s environmental and social performance.

  2. Network! It’s well known that who you know can be as crucial as what you know. Get involved with the different Communities of Practice, join your regional group and attend an EAUC event.

  3. Need some help with student engagement? There is a wealth of resources on the Sustainability Exchange under the Student Engagement Framework. Read case studies, view presentations, watch video clips and be inspired.

  4. Promote - Membership is free to all students at your institution, so make sure they know about it! Use our promotional pack to help get the word out.

  5. Be recognised - Has your SU done a fantastic sustainability project? Make sure the sector knows about it via the Sustainability Exchange, or even nominate yourself for a prestigious Green Gown Award.

Sign up here using your University email address, Remember to find us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to speed with the latest news and sector updates. Use this poster to promote your membership within your institution!

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