Lucideon (formerly CICS) is a leading provider of sustainability assurance and management systems certification and training. With UK headquarters in Stoke-on-Trent and US headquarters in Houston, Texas, our experienced auditors work with clients around the globe. Lucideon has extensive experience in the sustainability arena, particularly in the tertiary education sector.

The recent name change brings the former CICS together under one identity with the other businesses in its group, both of which are materials development and testing providers. Lucideon is a name that has been chosen carefully. It is made up of two words with ‘Lucid’, as in making things clear and intelligible, and ‘Eon’ meaning a period of time.

At Lucideon, we are passionate about resource efficiency and reducing our impact on the environment. Our policy is to conform to current applicable environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements to which we subscribe in a responsible manner, as well as to establish processes to identify and effectively implement continual improvement in our environmental performance. We undertake to: minimise the impact of our activities, prevent pollution and, wherever practicable through our activities, enhance the environment and be socially aware and to integrate environmental considerations into our business operations and planning.

What assurance services does Lucideon provide?

Independent verification of:
• Carbon footprints (UKAS accredited)
• Sustainability/environmental/corporate responsibility reports
• Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme evidence pack
• EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)
• Mandatory Carbon Reporting (MCR) data
• Carbon Disclosure Product (CPD data)
• Water footprints

Certification of:
• Energy management systems to ISO 50001
• Environmental management systems to ISO 14001 (UKAS accredited)
• Quality management systems to ISO 9001 (UKAS accredited)
• Health and safety management systems to OHSAS 18001 (UKAS accredited).

• Internal Auditor
• Introduction to ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Management Systems
• Revitalise and Refresh Your Organisation’s Management System - ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

Why have independent verification?

Having your data independently verified helps to ensure that it is accurate and valid - providing the basis for continuous improvement.

Encouraging sustainability on campus and having externally certified management systems can improve a university’s brand and reputation, increasing its appeal to students, while also helping to bring about cost savings through improved performance and efficiency.

It is not just about committing to sustainability internally though; raising awareness of policies and actions is seen as increasingly important to brand reputation and has led to leagues being set up, such as the People and Planet Green League. Their 2013 study showed that universities are doing more to integrate sustainability into the curriculum and to engage both staff and students on sustainability issues. Indeed, 47% of universities gained full points for integrating sustainability into the curriculum, compared to just 27% just two years ago* and this figure is expected to rise year on year.

Benefits of Assurance

• Boost your ‘green’ profile
• Increase the potential to improve your rankings on the People and Planet Green League
• Certification from an internationally recognised body is seen as an attractive option for environmentally minded students making their choice of university
• Stakeholders (staff, students, government, regulators) want to work with and be part of ‘green’ organisations
• Make better use of energy, recycle waste more efficiently and improve raw material selection
• Potentially reduce costs and improve performance and efficiency
• Independent assurance is a key discriminator of real commitment and action, thereby enhancing your reputation and credibility
• Independent assurance gives credibility to your management systems

Why choose Lucideon

• We pride ourselves on great customer service - our team is flexible, friendly and provides a quick, efficient and on-time service
• All verifiers are highly qualified industry experts (not just cross trained quality and environmental auditors)
• We have perfected a remote working model which minimises site visits time and their associated carbon footprint
• We offer integrated assurance services – addressing all of your quality, environmental, health and safety and carbon emission needs
• We provide assurance to internationally recognised standards
• As a member of EAUC, Lucideon has worked extensively with the education sector, both to certify management systems and to provide sustainability assurance
• You will be appointed a dedicated lead auditor who will be your single point of contact

Promote your green credentials

If you have your carbon, water or waste, your product carbon footprint, your management system or your sustainability report verified by us to a recognised standard or scheme, you are eligible to use the corresponding Lucideon Verified Assurance Mark – on your website, sales collateral and any marketing literature you produce.

Our vision: To be the leading worldwide assurance provider, delivering confidence and inspiring clients through expertise, knowledge and insight.

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Lucideon is a Gold EAUC Company Member.

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