Environmental Responsibility Reporting Officer - NERC (part of UKRI)

The NERC Sustainability Team have responsibility for delivery of the NERC Responsible Business Statement. This role supports implementation of the environmental components of the Responsible Business Statement and wider UKRI Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

The position works closely with the NERC Senior Environment Manager and NERC Head of Sustainability. This role liaises with key teams across NERC, including Centres and Head Office Directorates, and UKRI to help embed consideration for environmental sustainability.

Role Purpose
This ia a great opportunity for someone to develop their carbon management skills.  Reporting to the Head of Sustainability, the purpose of this role is to support NERC to enhance its environmental sustainability performance. You will also provide specific support for wider UKRI environmental reporting activity. Key activities include:  
  • Through environmental reporting, translating environmental data into information to supports decision making.
  • Coordination and delivery of internal environmental engagement including support of NERC’s transition to net zero.
  • Supporting environmental professionals across NERC to encourage collaboration and ensure a common approach to environmental sustainability
  • Coordinating specific activities to drive continual environmental improvement including sustainability funds and custom training.

Key Responsibilities:

Environmental Reporting
  • Ensuring timely and accurate reporting against the Greening Government Commitments
  • Monitoring of environmental and carbon performance against defined targets
  • Operation of reporting procedures and systems to ensure accurate and consistent environmental datasets
  • Analysing and benchmarking carbon and other environmental datasets to identify common trends and opportunities
  • Helping to maintain environmental and carbon standards through effective reporting and co-ordination e.g. ISO14001
  • Collaborating closely with centres and energy suppliers to ensure energy contracts are set up correctly and run smoothly
  • Liaising with environmental database providers to ensure effective management of environmental data
  • Contract support for metering provision including resolving any metering issues, expanding metering provision where required, monitoring costs, making payments to provider and liaison with key contacts
  • Supporting NERC’s contribution to the sustainability section of the UKRI Annual report through provision of environmental case studies and data.
Coordination and delivery of internal environmental engagement activity
  • Supporting the coordination, content generation and delivery of NERC environmental internal engagement to staff to cultivate positive environmental change including for the net zero transition
  • Promoting and increasing awareness of environmental and carbon performance and linking to support cultural change
  • Collating and creating of case studies, news articles, slides and other relevant media to ensure effective communications
  • Production of environmental guidance for staff including maintaining the NERC environmental intranet site.
Support for the NERC environmental professionals
  • Providing support and advice to environmental professionals as required, acting as the first point of contact for queries from Centres
  • Supporting environmental professionals to access and effectively use collated environmental and energy data to aid continual environmental improvement
  • Providing relevant and concise legal and energy market updates and information to environmental professionals
  • Identifying and organising training to meet the needs of the Environmental Professionals Group and wider sustainability team
  • Identifying opportunities to join up environmental professionals across UKRI.
Co-ordinate activities to drive continual environmental improvement
  • Coordinating the delivery of the NERC internal sustainability funds and activities
  • Supporting development of sustainability investment proposals across NERC
  • Collaborating with UKRI to support wider environmental sustainability activities.
  • Providing direct support for activity being delivered by the Senior Environmental Manager and Head of Sustainability as required
  • Meeting colleagues across NERC and UKRI to promote sustainability best practice
  • Representing the Sustainability Team at internal networks where required.
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