EMSc (UK) Ltd - Silver Member

Company Description

EMSc (UK) Ltd is a UK based, energy solutions manufacturer, renowned for the innovative design and manufacture of the Star range of energy saving solutions, including the flagship solution - The Powerstar voltage optimisation system.

The six energy saving solutions in the Star range are Powerstar, Airstar, Hotelstar, Lightstar, Autostar and Motorstar. All have an impressive range of application and can save up to 75% in energy consumption and costs. All of the energy saving solutions in the Star range, have a rapid payback, some recouping costs within months.

Sustainability Statement

With the intent to improve overall energy efficiency, many education facilities are seeking reliable, proven technologies that will not only help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, but that will also achieve significant savings on operating costs.

One simple and cost effective way to achieve this is through voltage optimisation, and an increasing number of universities and colleges are turning to Powerstar to meet their sustainability objectives.

Recent Projects

• Sheffield Hallam University - view the case study

• St Hild's School - view the case study

• King Edward VI College - view the case study

Website Link: http://www.ems-uk.org

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