EAUC-Scotland Conference to Vision the Future of Sustainability in Universities and Colleges

The EAUC Scotland team are delighted to have launched bookings for their 2018...
The EAUC Scotland team are delighted to have launched bookings for their 2018 Scotland Conference, A Decade of Progress, to coincide with the EAUC-Scotland office’s 10 year anniversary.
Since 2008 Scotland has reached 2020 carbon reduction targets 6 years early, became one of the first nations to sign up to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and reached the stage where they can generate more than two-thirds of their electricity from renewable sources.

Universities and colleges have been thriving in this landscape of sustainability progress over the past ten years, and the Conference’s unique structure will allow for highlights and productive sustainability partnerships from the last decade to be recognised, shared, and learned from.
The afternoon sessions will then take this learning into workshops to vision for the decade ahead, supported by specialist Advisors. These groups will explore what factors might help or hinder progress, and how we can ensure an acceleration of progress for sustainability over the next decade.
The vision and actions for the future will be collated into a report which we can all use to share sector aspirations, and the actions required by individuals, institutions, funders, government, EAUC and other support organisations to get there. The aim of this report will be to provoke both internal and external engagement with sustainability, starting new conversations, and help to lay the groundwork for the sector to meet its ambitions.
Read more about the conference here.


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