EAUC-Scotland launch UK-wide workshop series to engage Professional Departments

EAUC-Scotland have launched a UK-wide series of workshop webinars to engage...

EAUC-Scotland have launched a UK-wide series of workshop webinars to engage professional departments in sustainability as part of a larger project. They are also offering to write case studies for institutions with any relevant projects.

This project aims to understand and encourage engagement between professional departments and sustainability teams. This is to help foster collaboration between different areas of universities and colleges, while embedding sustainability at both the departmental and institutional level.
Through research, interviews, workshops and webinars, the project will seek to understand and showcase both existing and potential links between professional department and sustainability team initiatives in UK FHE institutions. A collection of case studies illustrating successful initiatives will be made available at the end of this project.
The project team are looking to gather interesting stories to write into Case Studies, for sharing with Universities and Colleges throughout the UK on our Sustainability Exchange. Please get in touch and let us know how your professional departments have incorporated sustainability and wellbeing into their workload through projects or initiatives. 

Do you have:
  • Any current initiatives you are working on with professional departments in your institution?
  • Any projects you would like to work on and are looking for input from other departments in your institution?
  • Information on any challenges you have experienced working with professional departments?

Please contact Michael Mackenzie to share your ideas, experiences and get involved with the project. 

 Please also sign up to the project workshops that will take place over December:
  • ICT teams Webinar book here
  • HR teams Webinar book here
  • Catering teams Webinar book here
  • Finance teams Webinar book here

Find out more about the current EAUC-Scotland Programme here.
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