Promoting Meaningful Teaching and Learning

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Summit Chair:

Betsy King, Development Manager, Learning for Sustainability Scotland

Summit Contributors:

Education for the future: critiquing, sharing and implementing the SDGs at FE and HE

Rehema White, Academic, University of St Andrews
The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outline an international agenda for the future that applies to all nations and sectors. In this interactive session explored implications for Further and Higher Education and considered how we (individuals, institutions, initiatives) can contribute to SDG implementation whilst offering critical insights.

What is the point of ESD?

Jamie Agombar, Head of Sustainability, NUS-UK
Most of us would agree that education for sustainable development is a good idea, but how many of us can prove it has had any positive impact? This session explored what NUS are trying to achieve by embedding sustainability into the formal and informal curriculums, and looked at examples of how it is being measured.

Living Labs are the way forward for tertiary education

Hassan Waheed, Living Labs Project Coordinator, EAUC
This session provided you a very brief taste of what the EAUC Living Labs Programme has achieved thus far, and what it has in store for the future. This included a brief description and some examples of what Living Labs are, an update on the research, and how you can get involved.

EAUC-Scotland's Careers Project

Gillian Gibson, Scotland Programme Coordinator, EAUC
Over the 2014-2017 UCCCfS Programme, the EAUC-S team researched and developed resources and webinars to support Careers and Student Advisors, and students themselves, better understand the what and how of developing a career in sustainability. This presentation outlined the research undertaken, the resources available, and where to access them.

Workshop: Promoting Meaningful Teaching and Learning

Betsy King, Development Manager, Learning for Sustainability Scotland
There is clear QAA Guidance for UK Higher Education providers that sets out what graduates might be expected to know, understand and be able to do to contribute to sustainable development. This workshop and discussion considered the approaches to teaching and learning that will most effectively help all students to demonstrate these important graduate outcomes.
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