EAUC Scotland Conference Launch

This conference will tackle some of the thorniest and most challenging issues facing the sector.
We are very excited to announce that the EAUC-Scotland Conference 2019 will take place at The Lighthouse in Glasgow on Tuesday 26th November 2019. The theme will be the Elephants in the Room.

This topic builds on our last conference where we set visions and actions for the decade ahead - view the Summary Reports here. Now it is time to actively address some of the trickiest challenges we are facing as a sector so we can make proper progress towards achieving those visions.

The morning Conference session will consider the purpose of universities and colleges during a climate emergency and in the pursuit of a more sustainable world, and consider some of the key activities you can do internally to map and engage with others about how your institution is doing so far and where you need to go next.

In the afternoon we will take a closer look at some of the elephants. With sessions currently being considered including setting meaningful carbon reduction targets, addressing academic travel, getting a handle on procurement emissions, making plastic-free pledges, carbon offsetting and supporting those with climate anxiety.

Can you think of any "elephants" that aren't mentioned above? Tweet us using the #EAUCS2019 hashtag or email us and we will see if we can include them in the programme.

Early Bird tickets are now available for EAUC Members, along with-non members. For the most up to date information please see the Conference Information page.

The Green Gown Awards will be taking place the same evening at Glasgow Science Centre, and we would be delighted if you were able to join us for the evening too! The Green Gown Award Ceremony attendees from the rest of the UK are able to join the Scotland Conference for the afternoon session if you can't make the full day - book a half day place through the Green Gown Awards booking page.

Please contact scotland@eauc.org.uk with any questions, or if you have any problems booking your place.
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