Director of Development and Advocacy - SOS-UK

The climate emergency and ecological crisis requires immediate and systemic action, and we fervently believe students are well placed to make this happen. We need to build on this moment, stepping up our work leading and shaping the narrative on sustainability in education, increasing our advocacy work with key individuals and influencers, communicating more effectively what we are doing and why, growing our following and supporter base, and securing new income and support.

We have created this brand new role so we can do the high-level advocacy and influencing work urgently required to redefine the role of formal education in creating a just and sustainable future. As well as advocacy, the postholder will direct our communications work, ensuring we are a digital first charity, building our following of supporters and network of alumni from our projects, programmes and campaigns. They will also oversee the development of new income streams, including individual giving, philanthropic donations and corporate sponsorship – the more resource we have, the more students we can engage and empower.

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