Conference Strands

In 2012, the conference was split into strands to ensure that every aspect of the programme is relevant to Sustainability Professionals in Universities and Colleges.

Inspire Operations

Changes for sustainability in what and how we do things

Sessions included: Energy, Environmental Management Systems (EMS), Sustainable ICT, Labs, Workshops & Studios, Procurement, Transport, Waste

Inspire Estates

Changes for sustainability in our physical environment

Sessions included: Biodiversity, Capital Projects – Achieving in Low Carbon, Post-Occupancy Evaluation, Low and Zero Carbon Technology, Optimising Space Utilisation, Sustainable Master Planning

Inspire People

Changing culture, how we engage and take everyone with us

Sessions included: Communicating Effectively, Going Greener – the role of student engagement and behaviour change, Corporate Responsibility, Green Economy & Skills for a Green Economy, Financing Sustainability.

Delivered by EAUC