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Computers 4 Africa (a working title of Digital Pipeline) is a UK registered charity that supplies schools, hospitals and community projects across Africa with IT equipment that has been donated in the UK.  All computers are securely data wiped (up to Ministry of Defence Standards) and refurbished prior to shipment.

Computers 4 Africa is an EAUC Strategic Partner which means we ensure they are aware of current thinking and activity in the sector and when our interests come together, we are keen to work with them for the benefit of the sector.

Repurpose and Reuse

Computers 4 Africa’s primary function is repurposing and reusing computers in Africa as the greenest means of IT disposal for schools, businesses, charities and individuals in the UK.  They firmly believe in the principles of reuse as it is not only a simple way of being ecologically conscious but also ethical. 

100% of usable donations are sent to education and community projects across Africa.  If the donated items are unusable they will be dismantled for individual parts as well as being used to build new computers from scratch.  The charity ensures all equipment sent out is fully refurbished, securely data wiped and have standardised operating systems and education programmes installed.

• When viewed as an IT disposal service, they are not only ethically sound but also clean, green and WEEE compliant.
• All donations are either reused and repurposed or recycled.
• If a donation is deemed unsuitable for beneficiaries, either because it no longer works or does not meet necessary criteria they will recycle all parts.
• Computers 4 Africa have a 0% to Landfill Policy, which means we throw nothing away.

‘Just One’ for Students

Computers 4 Africa are always looking for new ways to get donations of computers to their warehouse as they appreciate that the logistics of donating can sometimes be difficult.  They run local appeal sites up and down the country but realise it isn’t always possible to get to their locations, especially for university students.  As a result they have released a new initiative working with a recognised courier company, which means that students can donate their unwanted but still working laptops with ease and at NO COST.

It is a simple two-step process:

1. Once a student has got in touch, they arrange for a label to be produced that is then emailed across.

2. Simply print the label, pack up the donation and take to the local drop off point, which for most universities is on campus.

The next day they receive the donation of one laptop.  Fantastic news!

Carbon Neutral

Computers 4 Africa is officially a Carbon Neutral organisation.  This was introduced to ensure they offset their emissions and are environmentally sound throughout the organisation.

Being Carbon Neutral is imperative as it is a measurable way of being green; Computers 4 Africa firmly believe in being ecologically friendly.  Going forward they will look to continue to reduce their footprint, ensuring their impact on the earth is less damaging and more sustainable.

“Computers 4 Africa has chosen to be Carbon Neutral as it is environmentally consistent with our IT reuse principles. We believe that finding an innovative charity to support in Africa as a means of being Carbon Neutral makes the arrangement ideal. Going forward it will become increasingly important to be Carbon ¬Neutral and we will continue to work on reducing our footprint.” - David West, Chief Operating Officer.

The remaining emissions are going to support the Katete Improved Cookstove Project in Zambia. Currently the majority of Zambian families cook using the traditional method of three rocks placed over an open fire. This produces harmful pollution, one of the major causes of respiratory problems; causing more deaths than either malaria or tuberculosis.

The ‘rocket stoves’ are distributed free of charge; the design of the stoves reduces not only air pollution but cooking time and the loss of heat energy.  As they are more fuel-efficient; there is a considerable decrease in the amount of biofuel needed to prepare meals.

Computers 4 Africa chose this project because it affects people in Africa, is a more ecologically sound way of cooking and it will be beneficial in a wider sense to the community.  To date, 60 jobs have been created.

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