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Company Description

Provider of sustainability assurance and management systems certification and training. Independent assurance of carbon/water footprints, sustainability/corporate responsibility/environmental reports. Certification to ISO 50001 of energy management systems and to ISO 14001 of environmental management systems. All services carried out to internationally recognised standards and guidelines. We have extensive experience of working with universities and colleges nationally.

Sustainability Statement

We undertake to:
• Safeguard our employees, customers and the public against unacceptable risk with regard to environmental issues.
• Minimise the impact of our activities, prevent pollution and, wherever practicable through our activities, enhance the environment and be socially aware.
• Establish processes that will identify and minimise the harmful effects of the business activities upon the environment.
• Integrate environmental considerations into the business operations and planning.

Recent Projects

Lucideon Certifies National University Ireland Galway’s Energy Management System to ISO 50001 - case study
Wanting to ensure that they are managing energy use efficienctly, National University Ireland Galway asked Lucideon to certify its Energy Management System to ISO 50001.

Lucideon Certifies Keele University’s Energy Management System to ISO 50001
One of the first universities in the UK to have its EnMS certified to the internationally-recognised standard, Keele University, with the help of the energy management specialists, digitalenergy, implemented the EnMS in order to achieve continual improvement in energy performance.


Case study - Lucideon Certifies Keele University’s Energy Management System to ISO 50001

Lucideon’s Guide to ISO 50001, the New EnMS Standard
ISO 50001 is the new international energy management standard. It provides a framework and guidance to monitor, manage and potentially reduce your energy consumption.

The benefits of carbon reporting and independent verification

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