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Company Description

CDL is an IT recycling company with a huge emphasis on the re-use of a wide variety of electronic equipment. In addition to data sanitization, we have a moral and legal obligation under the WEEE Directive to refurbish and remarket all WEEE wherever possible.

We have a client base that covers both public and private sectors and we cover the whole of the UK with our services. We are heavily involved in higher education and for example we have over 40 major University clients.

Sustainability Statement

We have a zero landfill policy & ensure all elements of our business take into account their impact on the environment.

• Reuse 75% of redundant WEEE & harvest/reuse materials from remaining 25%
• ISO 14001 certified
• Client asset reports include the % of materials reused/recycled
• Provide hazardous waste consignment/duty of care transfer note per collection
• Modern fleet of energy efficient vehicles (replaced every 2 years)
• Drivers attend Department of Transport ‘Smarter Driving Tips’ 

Recent Projects

IT/WEEE collection and processing services at Nottingham Trent University and Loughborough University.

Insight Guide: Is your institution achieving compliance when recycling ICT assets?

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