Behaviour Change Management Programme

Behaviour change in terms of sustainable development is rising up the agenda. The Social Learning Theory states ‘behavioural change is determined by environmental, personal, and behavioural elements’. So how do we do it? How do we engage individuals to make the necessary changes? Good will by a few enthusiastic people can drive change, but how do you get it on an institutional level?

The EAUC completed a 6-month Behaviour Change Management Programme, which was funded by the Scottish Funding Council. The pilot incorporated a university and a college, as differences in their make up needed to be recognised.

The pilot was specifically developed to offer support to the signatories of the Universities and Colleges Climate Commitment for Scotland (UCCCfS), but will also benefits the wider UK. Reid Kerr College and the University of the West of Scotland, both based in Paisley, have recently finished the pilot scheme and the BCMP Evaluation is now available.

Each module is run by a different delivery partner. This group worked closely together to provide support to the pilot institutions and each other. The programme is made up of different modules to allow institutions to ‘pick and choose’ what they need, or run the complete programme. During the pilot the whole programme was completed. The pilot institutions had access to the following information and modules:

Delivered by EAUC