Advocacy Updates January to April 2021

Since the beginning of the year we have been actively involved in a series of initiatives, events and projects to ensure EAUC's continues to have a greater voice at societal level. Below is a summary of these core activities:

A complete list of updates regarding the work of the Climate Commission is available here
Read more about COP26 - Progress and Updates
Timeframe Initiative Strategic
Key areas discussed and outcomes Benefits for EAUC Members
Offsetting Principles launched COP26 Universities 
Robust policies in offsetting; Carbon Coalition established;  Standardised reporting across the sector that will help track progress towards net-zero; c
Consultation in place on how the sector can be offered the adequate support. Further information here.
College Development Network Climate Emergency Expert Group College Development Network (CDN) Collective commitment and goal setting for the Scottish college sector in response to Covid-19 and the climate emergency
EAUC-Scotland co-drafted the Scottish Colleges' Statement of Commitment on the Climate Emergency - this was adopted by all college Principals (launching 22nd April). This includes a target for all colleges to be net zero by 2040 at the latest.
HE ESD Guidance QAA and AdvanceHE Through the ESD TSN and in collaboration with Learning for Sustainability Scotland, EAUC-Scotland submitted a consultation response to the draft QAA and AdvanceHE HE ESD Guidance Advocating for the strengthening around ESD Guidance and tying in guidance with emerging understanding and reflections in Scotland.
February HE Climate Action Toolkit launched Climate Commission Partners Identifies HE-specific critical elements Vice-Chancellors and Governors should consider in order to advance sustainability and respond to the climate crisis. Prepare staff and students to cope, thrive and move responsibly in a changing world, for example equip students with employable skills
Protect biodiversity
Work toward climate and social justice
Lower and eliminate scope 1, 2 and 3 greenhouse gas emissions
EAUC-Scotland Conference - Degrees of Change Scottish Government; Salix; Zero Waste Scotland The Green Recovery and COP26; Climate Justice, Inclusion and Accessibility; Pathways to Net Zero 137 attendees joined the conference and were able to hear updates from Strategic Partners on the direction of travel for sustainability and Scottish institutions, as well as ask questions to the speakers.
March Present to the UK Government Environmental Audit Select Committee inquiry into Green Jobs EAC & Aldersgate Building on EAUC future work research the meeting looked at jobs, skills and training needed to achieve the UK’s longer-term climate and environmental ambitions and what planning and work is taking place to meet these requirements. Recommendations that are beneficial for the FE & HE Sector. More available here
Mentoring launched - Green Campus Competition Turkey Altinbas University - Instanbul Launch event in Turkey with Jim Longhurst - Chair EAUC presenting. Followed on by student mentoring session completed with EAUC Members Dave Chapman and Paulo Cruz.
Guidance on mentoring opportunities to follow.
Scottish Government Consultation Scottish Government Through the Community Engagement TSN, EAUC-Scotland submitted a sector response to the Net Zero Public Engagement Strategy Consultation.
Advocating for the draft strategy to recognise the role institutions can lead in their communities in communicating climate change issues and supporting local problem solving.
Universities Scotland  Helped lead workshop to VP Internationals group on sustainability and internationalisation, supporting the creation of a working group to explore this link in Scotland’s universities
Ongoing Algeria British Council Student Competition Algeria British Council COP26 Webinar series reflecting EAUC member Climate excellence to inspire students and staff across Algeria. A student idea competition with EAUC members mentoring will be launched soon. Profile and share EAUC member excellence  
Kickstart Scheme Change Agents & SOS- UK Provides extensive career and skills development opportunities Support the FE/HE sector to create and run placements for 16-24yro; 
COP26 - Cabinet Team and WWF involvement COP26 University of Edinburgh have released the first in a series of MOOCs, as part of the COP26 Education & Skills group outputs.
EAUC also sit on the COP26 Civil Society & Youth Engagement group. EAUC are liaising with UKRI and the UKRI COP26 Research Fellows to align activities. EAUC are also liaising with the British Council to align activities.     
Establish EAUC's presence at COP26
Our Shared World Oxfam and SEEd Trustee, Laurence Frewin represents EAUC on the Our Shared World: Educating for People and Planet Steering Group. OSW is a broad coalition seeking to advocate for and support the successful realisation of SDG 4.7 by 2030. Co-chaired by Oxfam and SEEd, OSW is supported by a diverse group of more than 135 members from nearly 100 organisations, including international NGOs and other organisations who specialise in the educational themes of SDG 4.7, teacher,headteacher and student unions, universities, and teacher subject associations.
Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) ESFA and Hillside Environmental Services We are working with ESFA to help improve the SECR for the FE sector in England. The tool has now been launched
SDG Accord Colleges and Institutes Canada (CIC)/ ImpACT SDG Working partnership with CIC to reach out to the international SDG users. The SDG Accord mandatory reporting has been completed and the results will be available at the High Level Political Forum. 
Race to Zero for Universities and Colleges UN Environment, Race to Zero and Second Nature Working with British Embassy in Slovakia, a not-zero, net-zero group of universities in India, working with CGUN to encourage more institutions in China to sign up. Outreach across European networks and Latin America networks.
COP29 in Scotland Scotland’s Tech Army
Development of editable map tool for the Scottish FHE sector to use to promote their COP26-related events in an easily accessible way
Publicity for institutions’ commitment to taking action around COP26, and individual events

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