Workshops will take place throughout the duration of the Project and outcomes of these will be shared here.

Data Centre Workshops
A workshop on Improving Data Centre Efficiency took place on March 30th, 2010 at the University of Sheffield. David Speake of the University of Sheffield presented on his research on temperature control, virtualisation and other energy saving measures. It offered potential participants in the project the chance to ask questions giving them a better idea of what’s involved. See below to view the presentation on Improving Data Centre Efficiency.

The following year, on March 31st, 2011 another workshop on Data Centres took place at the University of Bristol. Entitled Maximising your Data Centre's Efficiency, 4 presenters offered a unique insight into how institutions could maximise their Data Centre's efficiency and green their overall ICT system. This workshop also included a visit to the University of Bristol's Data Centre guided by Dr. Ian Stewart, Numerical Analyst & Director of Advanced Computing  at the University of Bristol. 

Printing & Paper Use Workshops.
Two workshops on Reducing the Environmental Impacts of Printing have taken place. The first workshop, held in May 2010 at the University of East London and the second, held in December at the University of Bristol, included presentations on the various initiatives environmental managers have implemented to tackel paper use at their institutions. Both printing workshops were open to all and delegates learned about the various techniques used to reduce paper use. The London workshop featured speakers from Nescot College, London South Bank University, Pembrokeshire College, the University of East London and from MFD suppliers, Canon, while the Bristol event included additional information on the use of e readers to reduce paper use.  

The list of presentations from both the London and Bristol Events are at the bottom of this page. 

The EAUC 2011 Annual Conference
The 15th Annual EAUC Conference, aka THE sustainability event of the year for the further and higher education sector in the UK, took place from the 11th - 13th of April 2011, at the University of York. Conference organisers ensured that every aspect of the programme was relevant to sustainability professionals in universities and colleges.

The conference strands this year included:
Inspire Operations: Changes for sustainability in what and how we do things. Sessions included: Energy, Environmental Management Systems (EMS), Sustainable ICT, Labs, Workshops & Studios, Procurement, Transport, Waste

Inspire Estates: Changes for sustainability in the physical environment.
Sessions included: Biodiversity, Capital Projects – Achieving in Low Carbon, Post-Occupancy Evaluation, Low and Zero Carbon Technology, Optimising Space Utilisation and Sustainable Master Planning.

Inspire People: Changing culture, how we engage and take everyone with us. Sessions included: Communicating Effectively, Going Greener – the role of student engagement and behaviour change, Corporate Responsibility, Green Economy & Skills for a Green Economy, Financing Sustainability.

On day 2of the conference the SUSTE-TECH project manager hosted the 2nd annual Green ICT conference workshop. Entitled Sustainability at your Institution through the use of Green ICT, the workshop included presentations from;

 Geoff Constable – Aberystwyth University,
 Helen Cutts – Wigan & Leigh College,
 Rob Bristow – JISC

The workshop showcased what institutions have done to reduce their ICT related energy use. Delegates at the workshop learnt how video conferencing saves time and money by eliminating the need for travel and heard about the mixture of simple yet effective sustainable ICT initiatives implemented by a smaller college. Delegates also learnt also about the innovative Green ICT projects being funded by JISC and the impact their results are having on institutions.

The EAUC also ran a "Knowledge Exchange with Sector Experts" session on day 2 of the conference. This session offered delegates the chance to have a 10 minute 1-2-1 meeting with the EAUC's resident expert on the implementation of sustainable ICT in FHE institutions. The session proved worthwhile for those that signed up for a meeting as each participant left with their ICT queries resolved and ideas on how to keep their green ICT flag flying at their respective institutions. Results from the conference's evaluation forms indicate that 83% of those who attended the workshop found it to be Good - Excellent.  

The first SUSTE-TECH Procurement workshops  took place on May 24th  at the University of Birmingham. The aim of the event was to bring managers of ICT, procurement, energy, and environmental departments together to discuss their roles and bridge any gaps that may exist between them and those that purchase ICT equipment for their departments.  The event will include speakers from the EDS Consulting, JISC, The EAUC, DEFRA and of course from the JISC Greening of ICT programme, PROCO2 . (See flyer below for more details). The event was a success and attendeance was at full capacity. Deleagates left the event with a greater knowledge of sustainable ICT and a clearer understanding of the procurement process. Evaluation forms indicated the event was very well recieved (scored 8.25/10 for overall success) and data and information included in the presentations  proved very useful. Slides from the event are  listed below.

Improved Sustainability Across Estates Through The Use of ICT.
A workshop that examined the use of ICT across FHE estates to help improve sustainability was held at Imperial College London on June 30th.
This workshop examined how institutions are, not only using more sustainable ICT equipment in their research labs, lecture theatres, conference centres etc., but also how using "smart" ICT can help them reduce their energy consumption. Speakers at the workshop included the Director of Esates at QMU in Edinburgh, RM Education and the PM of the JISC funded Computer Room Efficiency Improvement project. Presentation from the workshop are available below. 

Greening Your Institutions Network Systems.
An event examining the energy use of Networks was run on July 20th, 2011 at the University of Bristol's Graduate School of Education. Speakers at the event included a systems development officer from a Welsh FE college, a researcher from the Intelligent Energy Aware project in Leeds and a representative from the ICT network giant, CISCO Systems. The event was attended by delegates from a wide range of educational institutions as well as from the business sector. The workshop showcased cutting edge research into what’s being done to improve the efficiency of networks while at the same time tackle the ever increasing energy demand of the internet. The focus was primarily on the use of switches, routers and servers and presenters spoke on their experiences using greener alternatives.
Presentations from the event are given below.

Utilisation of Space Through the Use of ICT.
An event examining the use of the latest in building technology coupled with how the needs of the learner is influencing the design of physical learning spaces, was held at the University of Birmingham on August 24th. Delegates heard from space managers, estates directors, ICT and timetabling managers, as well as planning architects and other experts in the field of maximizing campus space. Each presenter offered a unique insight into how best to enhance the pedagogic experience for students. Representatives from the ICT business sector also presented on the technologies available to help to deliver such experiences. The agenda for the day’s event and slides from the workshop are available below.

The EAUC's 2011 Green Gown Awards.
The Green Gown Awards recognise exceptional initiatives by universities and colleges across the UK to become more sustainable. The Awards  are widely recognised as the most prestigious recognition of environmental best practice within the further and higher education sectors.
Categories this year include; carbon reduction; energy efficient construction; and of course Green ICT.

So if your institution has improved its ICT systems by either reducing its energy related requirements, utilised more environmentally friendly equipment or implemented an initiative that created less ICT related waste then the Green ICT category is for you.  

For more information click on the following link.

Good Luck to all Green ICT entrants !!


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Download file 4__use_of_e_reader_to_reduce_paper_by_dr__mary_dean__dec_2010.ppt Use of an e Reader to Reduce Paper Use (891Kb) #2274
Download file 7__calculation_of_the_ef_of_a4_paper_use_by_nicola_hogan.ppt Calculation of the Ecological Footprint of your Institution's A4 Paper Use (257Kb) #2277
Download file paper_use_reduction_at_ul_for_printing_workshop_1.ppt Paper Use Reduction at The University of Limerick (7.3Mb) #2280
Download file using_it_to_reduce_paper_and_process_costs_1.ppt Using IT to Reduce Paper and Process Costs (798Kb) #2281
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Download file __print_management__associated_savings_through_consolidating_devices_by_adrian_cheetham_of_canon.ppt Print Management & Associated Savings through Consolidation of Printing Devices (1.8Mb) #2282
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Download file david_speaks_energy_saving_presentation_1.ppt Improving Data Centre Efficiency Presentation (687Kb) #2124
Download file john_milner_eauc.ppt Who Needs a Data Centre? (716Kb) #2474
Download file hugh_beedie_holistic_approaches_to_green_it_-_euac_meeting_-_march_2011.ppt Holistic Approaches to Green ICT (5Mb) #2470
Download file rob_bristow_eauc_d-c_event_bristol_march_2011.ppt JISC's Greening of ICT (1.5Mb) #2475
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Download file greening_your_estates_by_roland_cross_leeds_met.pptx greening_your_estates_by_roland_cross_leeds_met.pptx (2.2Mb) #2815
Download file on-_improved_sustainability_across_the_estate_through_use_of_ict_by_kevin_cope_imperial_college.pptx on-_improved_sustainability_across_the_estate_through_use_of_ict_by_kevin_cope_imperial_college.pptx (1.3Mb) #2814
Download file how_ict_can_create_a_leaner_estate_by_prof__peter_james_university_of_bradford.ppt how_ict_can_create_a_leaner_estate_by_prof__peter_james_university_of_bradford.ppt (4.6Mb) #2816
Download file introduction_to_the_suste-tech_project.ppt introduction_to_the_suste-tech_project.ppt (463Kb) #2817
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Download file the_sustainable_campus_by_steve_scott_qmu.pptx the_sustainable_campus_by_steve_scott_qmu.pptx (8.9Mb) #2820
Download file ark_low_carbon_data_centres.pdf ark_low_carbon_data_centres.pdf (2.1Mb) #2868
Download file 2_matt_sherlock_2.pptx Space Utilisation Strategy, Reporting and Timetabling (358Kb) #2993
Download file 3_paul_ritchie__heat__light__by_timetable_effective_measures.pptx Effective measures  to improve space use and cost by Paul Ritchie (2.1Mb) #2994
Download file 4_graeme_horne_fg_technology_eauc_powerpoint.ppt FH Technology by Graeme Horne (5.8Mb) #2995
Download file 6__cathy_stewart_prp.pptx Optimising the sustainable performance by Cathy Stewart and Mel Starrs (2.1Mb) #2996
Download file agenda_of_utilisation_of_space_across_campus_1.pdf Utilisation of Space Across Campus workshop agenda (112Kb) #2997
Download file putting_gigabyte_to_the_edge_inc__core_replacement__saving_power_by_simon_palmer.pdf putting_gigabyte_to_the_edge_inc__core_replacement__saving_power_by_simon_palmer.pdf (3.7Mb) #2906
Download file reducing_the_environmental_impact_of_the_network_by_cisco_systems_russell_dav.pdf reducing_the_environmental_impact_of_the_network_by_cisco_systems_russell_dav.pdf (14.3Mb) #2910
Download file suste_tech_mosaic_space_20110824_v1_0.pps Optimising the Sustainable Performance of Classroom Space by John Pryzibilla (1.6Mb) #2998
Greening IT
Greening IT

How Green is Your Server Room?
How Green is Your Server Room?