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Company Description
We are the asset resale service for universities.
We collect, store and sell surplus laboratory and other equipment from universities across the UK. We then sell this equipment to our extensive network of business customers (which includes UK and overseas universities, research institutes, research-focused SMEs and repair specialists).
After sale, we return a share of the profits to the department, school or college where the equipment was sourced.
In doing this, we help universities reduce waste, consume resources more sustainably, and improve the financial efficiency of the research industry through better reuse of its available resources.
Our solution finally offers a way to prevent the common problem where staff are forced to dispose of high quality equipment through waste skips simply due to shortages of time, space and a lack alternative solutions.
‘I hate throwing perfectly good equipment away’ – Microscope Technician – University of Warwick.
‘I have come close to tears seeing some of the things disposed of into skips’ – Technical Manager, University College London,
We offer a hassle-free alternative to the unnecessary disposal of equipment.
Sustainability Statement
Led by young entrepreneur and Ph.D. student Michael Mcleod (Winner of the 2016 Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Competition), our current team of twelve are striving to improve sustainability within UK universities.
We work to minimize waste in every area of our operations and our university clients. We donate items we can’t sell and we reuse packaging material. Our unique, innovative business model delivers immediate financial and environmental benefits and the reuse of equipment delivers extensive onward social benefit.
Currently serving 10 universities and our service is expanding rapidly. Click here for a reference from a user at the University of Birmingham and click here for our user guide. For more information on how you can help improve sustainability within your university, please get in touch.
Email: info@unigreenscheme.co.uk

Twitter: @Unigreenscheme

Website Link: http://www.unigreenscheme.co.uk/

UniGreenScheme - Silver Member
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