Sustainable Procurement Project (EAF)

The EAUC is leading a 3 year Defra Environmental Action Fund (EAF) project to provide support to universities and colleges wanting to integrate sustainability into their procurement practice.

The project began in 2005 and we are working with 17 universities and colleges who are taking on the challenge of implementing sustainable procurement within their institutions. To date more than 100 project partners staff have been linked into the three-year project. These include Directors of Finance and Estates as well as Procurement and Environmental Officers.

The project is supported by a powerful and enthusiastic project steering group. Agency representatives include HEFCE, LSC, Chartered Institute of Purchasing, Firebuy, ProcHE CSR Group, Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium (SUPC), Crescent Purchasing Consortium, Office Depot and NUS Services Ltd.

A wider dissemination network has been established to help spread the learning from the project throughout the further and higher education sector. If you are interested in being included in this network please email us.

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The partner institutions and lead contacts involved in the project are:

  • Bicton College - Ross Cooper, Health & Safety Officer
  • Blackpool and Fylde College - Patrick Condon, Procurement & Legal Services Manager
  • University of Bristol - Martin Wiles, Energy & Environment Manager
  • Durham University - Liam Glasper, Strategic Contracts Manager
  • University of East London - Chris Philpott, Purchasing Manager
  • University of Gloucestershire - Sarah Wightman, Procurement Manager
  • University of Hertfordshire - Michelle Dixon, Assistant Environmental Coordinator
  • University of Hull - Susan Gurling, Head of Purchasing Services
  • University of Northampton - Carol Barrett, Procurement & Contracts Manager
  • Nottingham Trent University - Alex McFarlane, Purchasing Manager
  • University of Plymouth - Jenny Bushrod, Head of Procurement
  • University of Southampton - Neil Smith, Environment Manager
  • South Tyneside College - Colin Traill, Manager
  • New Suffolk College - Robert Vanston, Purchasing & Contracts Manager
  • Warwickshire College - Rod Davies, Premises Manager
  • Wigan and Leigh College - Gillian Sinnot, Manager
  • Worcester College of Technology - Cherie Clements, College Accountant

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Sustainable procurement has raced up the agenda in the last few years. It contributes to your institution's move towards being more sustainable and can also deliver cost savings while decreasing the risk to your university or college.

In May 2005 the Government established the Sustainable Procurement Task Force with a brief to produce a report into public sector procurement and how it can contribute to sustainable development. The report Procuring the Future - Sustainable Procurement National Action Plan: Recommendations from the Sustainable Procurement Task Force, was published in June 2006.

The report makes recommendations for the future of public sector procurement which mirror the programme EAUC is already implementing. By using the tools and resources provided by this project you will be meeting your obligations under the new action plan.
Project Brochure
Project Brochure