Sustainability Exchange testing

The activity

Members of the MAC and a small group of testers from the sector were asked to beta test the Sustainability Exchange.

The portal had already undergone a number of internal tests. This final test phase was designed to pick up small odds and ends we may have missed, and also identify opportunities for the next phase in the development of the Sustainability Exchange.

The task

The MAC was sent guidance on the testing process including a quick tour around the Sustainability Exchange website and also a online survey to complete. This was designed to prompt users on the many areas that we particularly needed feedback on but all items of feedback were welcomed.

The outcome

A huge range of feedback was collected and has been used to make the portal what it is today. A lot of the commenst will also be used to develop the portal over the coming years to ensure it delivers what users want and need. We will also be collecting constant feedback via the forums.

The feedback from the MAC and the wider tester group can be found in the document below - this also indicates the EAUC response to the questions raised and where action has been taken.