SDG Accord Webinar 2 - Mapping and Reporting

Date: First Broadcast Date 8 February 2018 15:00 - 16:00

Venue: Virtual via zoom

Mapping and Reporting on institutional SDG Progress

This is the second webinar we are facilitating in regards to the SDG Accord, and it has a focus on mapping and reporting ahead of the UN High Political Forum in July. Invited speakers include UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs and NUS.

Have you successfully mapped the work of your university of college against the Goals and are prepared to share it at this webinar? Please get in touch.  We encourage participants to contribute to the webinar by sharing their stories so far and how they are beginning to embed the SDGs in their institutions and communities. The SDG Accord is a global, collaborative movement and it is important we share our learning.

This webinar is a good opportunity to update delegates on the progress of the Accord, and we will be discussing the wealth of information we have received via the learning network. We will also talk around how you can access it and how we plan to utilise it. 


SDG Accord Webinar 2