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The MAC have a regular schedule of activity where they are giving their insights on up and coming EAUC services to ensure they are created with your needs in mind.

The MAC Members are representative of all EAUC Members in terms of interest areas, geographical spread, expertise, institution type and have been voted onto the MAC by our Membership so you can be sure your voice is heard.

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March 2012

Communication to Member regarding fee restructure

MAC Members were asked for feedback on the clarity of the information provided in the notification to Members to ensure we are as transparent as possible in this important Member wide communication.

The MAC highlighted a number of changes main focused on the reasoning for the restructure and the history surrounding this. The changes were reflected in the email sent to Members on 14 March 2012.

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April 2012

Linden Environmental water cooling project

We asked MAC Members to advise us on the approach to take when communicating this to our Members

It was highlighted to be more transparent regarding our strategy with Company Members and a policy outlining this is now available to all Members.

View activity details and feedback

View Linden offer

View Company Membership policy

May 2012

AGM update and follow up to fee restructure

MAC Members were asked for feedback on the clarity of the information provided in this follow up communication.

No changes were necessary to the copy but we took advise that the email should only be sent to the institution's key contact (person responsible for EAUC Membership)

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June 2012

EAUC 5 year strategic plan

MAC Members were invited to a focus group to discuss this important subject. The insight obtained was fed directly into a Board away-day.

MAC focus group took place 22 June. Insight was fed into Board residential meeting on 27/28 June.

View activity details and feeback

View the final Strategic Plan

July 2012

Introduction to sustainability elearning module

MAC Members were asked to review and feedback on the Module.

View activity details and all feedback

View the Sustainability elearning module

August 2012

Sustainability Exchange testing

We will be asking the MAC to test the key sections of the Exchange to ensure it meets the needs of our Members and the wider communities that will be using it.

Key items of feedback have been used during the testing phase.

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Sustainability Exchange launched on 10 September 2012. Log in today!

September 2012

Value and justification of EAUC Membership tool

We will work closely with members of the MAC to develop a business case for Members to use and adapt accordingly for their own institutions in gaining support from senior management for the continued Membership.

View activity details and feedback

View the new support tool 

October 2012

Sustainable Solutions

We will be asking the MAC to feed back on this new Member service

View activity details and feedback

 View the new Member service

November 2012

Recommend a Member scheme and terms

We will be asking the MAC to feed back on a new initiative to drive new EAUC Memberships.

View activity details and feedback

 View the new Member service

3 October 2012

EAUC 5 year plan follow up

MAC Members were invited to a virtual meeting where representatives of the Board  presented the draft of the strategic aims to gain further feedback.

Virtual meeting took place 3 October 2012


February 2013

AGM Input

MAC Members are asked to provide input into the 2013 AGM on what information is required and needed by Members

View activity details and feedback

March 2013

Students and EAUC Membership

As a result of MAC feedback from the first meeting in 2011, this has seen recent Board approval. We will be asking the MAC to advise on what approach to take with welcoming students to EAUC Membership.

View activity & feedback here

View ther Member service

View the FAQs

May 2013

Company Member & Educational Member engagement

To ask the MAC for insight into the value and process of including students and student unions within Educational Membership

View activity & feedback here

18 June 2013

MAC Meeting

To provide insight into the Educational Member survey; To network amongst the group and review the group and discuss ways of improving engagement within the group; To discuss training needs. Potential to use World Café format.

The meeting took place at the University of Birmingham.


July 2013

Salary Sacrifice Scheme

To provide insight into the communication of a new Member service

View activity & feedback here

January 2014


An induction session for the new Members of the MAC

The meeting was via telephone conference

March 2014

LiFE Review

To provide feedback on the reviewed website and self-assessment tool for LiFE

View activity & feedback here

June 2014


To provide insight on relationships with corporates; A fellow scheme and the Annual Conference

The meeting took place at Aston University


September 2014

Annual Conference Dates

To provide insight into potential dates for the 2015 Annual Conference

Via email discussion

October 2014

2015 Annual Conference Planning

To provide guidance, advice and support in the content for the 2015 Annual Conference

View activity here

November 2014

LiFE Training Session

To provide an overview of LiFE to the MAC via webinar

View Webinar here

Future activity

International Collaboration

To gain insight from the MAC on how we communicate the value of our international collaboration



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