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We are seeking MAC feedback on a revised website and tool for Learning in Future Environments (LiFE) - please respond by Monday 24 March.


Learning in Future Environments (LiFE) was developed by the EAUC in response to a growing need to embed environmental and social responsibility into the activities of universities and colleges. This has been set against a backdrop of economic challenges facing the sector, which include an increased need to demonstrate how they are delivering social, environmental and economic value.

Throughout the development of LiFE, the EAUC has worked extensively with stakeholders and institutions from across the sector. This support has been crucial to develop a system that is relevant and beneficial to all types of institutions. From the outset, LiFE has been structured with a constant review process in mind.

LiFE was developed with generous support from our funding partners Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW), Scottish Funding Council (SFC) and the Department for Employment and Learning in Northern Ireland (DELNI), as well as direct input from across the sector.

Whilst we received a lot of interest in LiFE only 24 institutions participated. We were disappointed with this and sought feedback from the sector on this. The general feedback was that the approach and framework model was very useful but the machinery of the system was too time consuming and 'clunky'. Therefore we have reviewed the way LiFE works by improving the website and introducing a simple to use self-assessment tool. We have also made the decision to make LiFE available free to EAUC Members and that users can start with just one part of the LiFE system and progress incrementally. We have sought feedback from the current participants of LiFE and this has been positive.


We are seeking feedback from the MAC on the ease of use of the website and the self-assessment tool. We are not reviewing the Frameworks or their content at this stage as feedback we have received show they remain relevant and accurate therefore this area is not part of the scope of this activity. As part of our continual ongoing review of LiFE these will be updated as and when required. The website is currently password protected as it is not yet live during this review period - please do not pass these details on to anyone outside of the MAC. For you to provide feedback we would recommend that you complete the Self-Assessment Tool for one or more Frameworks-  though we are not asking you to send us your data but doing this will help you to understand the process. Please note the username and password are case sensitive.

Is it clear what LiFE is and the benefits of doing it?
Is the text, process and flow of the site clear?
Did you find the Self-Assessment tool easy to use?

The Self-Assessment Index:
Is the Self-Assessment Index clear and sufficient?
Is the ‘How to use this Tool’ page clear and sufficient?
On the Tool ‘Dashboard’ have we used the most appropriate graphs?

Is the new approach to LiFE clear and likely to be successful?
Is it clear that this is a benefit to EAUC Members?
Do we need to add any more guidance on any particular aspect?

We look forward to your feedback. Following your feedback we will make any necessary changes and then this will be launched to Members. This has been posted on the email group and the LinkedIn group – you may respond in either format.

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