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Welcome to the Energy & Water Community of Practice

Brief Terms of Reference:

•  This CoP is for EAUC Educational Members only
•  This CoP is a platform for members to identify and discuss common challenges and help to address these challenges
•  This CoP reflects the “Utilities” Learning in Future Environments (LiFE) Framework and any resources to help you succeed with this Framework can be found on the Sustainability Exchange
•  The CoP has a dedicated, private Jiscmail where any relevant questions can be asked and discussions can take place.
•  The CoP has a dedicated area on the EAUC website where meeting agendas and information will be accessible as well as relevant resources, linked from the Sustainability Exchange
•  The group will meet and the agenda will cover relevant topics for both Higher and Further Education both face to face and virtually
•  The group will discuss and look to respond to new initiatives or changes to current initiatives
•  Where relevant, the Energy CoP will work in collaboration with the Energy Topic Support Network (TSN) in Scotland to address any UK wide energy matters.

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Joel Cardinal

Responsible for the University of Warwick Energy and Environmental Sustainability agenda including carbon emissions reduction plan and energy efficiency in new and existing buildings.

Lead the University Carbon Management Implementation Plan aiming to reduce carbon emissions by 60% by 2020/21 with provisional £50m funding.

Lead the University Carbon Challenge Group, the multidisciplinary senior management group sharing the ownership of the University Carbon Management Implementation Plan across academia, students and staff areas. The Carbon Management Implementation Plan has three main pillars; Energy efficiency and reduction of consumptions; Behaviour change of all stake holders to support adaptation to a lower carbon society, and infrastructure through improvements, plants efficiency and low carbon energy generation.

Develop the University Energy Champions network across all University stake holders to gain awareness and support on all environmental sustainability areas above energy and carbon such as water, waste recycling, procurement, transport and biodiversity (refer to our website).

Engage with academics departments and businesses to promote the University sustainable targets. Seek development and research opportunities to use the campus as a test bed and demonstrator. Member of the Energy Global Priority Programme supporting academia to use the campus as a living laboratory.

Work with students and teaching departments to develop and promote sustainability awareness and a greener curriculum offer to the students.

Previously to working at Warwick Joel held a number of management positions in the automotive industry mainly in Quality management, engineering and manufacturing functions. Over 20 years Joel has worked in UK, France and coached operations in 15 countries worldwide.

Contact information:

Joel Cardinal
Head of Energy and Sustainability
The University of Warwick

Andrew Bryers

After doing a MSc in Managing the Environment at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth Andrew was recruited as the Assistant Energy and Environment Manager at the University of Nottingham in 2007. In 2010 he moved to his current post as Energy Manager at Aston University. In 2012 he obtained a Chartered Energy Manager grade with the Energy Institute.

Contact information:

Andrew Bryers
Energy, Environment and Sustainability Manager
Aston University






18 June 2015

The University of Warwick

Launch meeting

View the Agenda and Presentations here

18 February 2016

University of Reading

Carbon management planning

View the event here

25 July 2016

Aston University

Scope 3 and devolved budgets

View the event here

2 May

University of York

ISO50001 and Building Specification

View the Agenda and Presentations here

12 Oct 2017

University of Sussex


View the event here


ESOS Compliance, 13 November 2015


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Joel Cardinal
Joel Cardinal

Andrew Bryers
Andrew Bryers

Launch meeting group photo, University of Warwick
Launch meeting group photo, University of Warwick

Launch meeting group photo, University of Warwick
Launch meeting group photo, University of Warwick