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Following some very useful discussions earlier in the year at the June meeting, we would like to utilise the help of the Member Advisory Council for this year’s Annual Conference. We have incorporated much of your feedback already into the planning of the Conference.

Hopefully you’re already aware, the Conference takes place on 24-25 March 2015 at the University of Leeds. We are also working on an additional afternoon workshop session on Monday 23 March which focuses on communication, facilitation and engagement skills.

We feel that the MAC understands the complexities of the Conference and thus can provide us with the critical insight into content that is much needed this year. It’s vital that content is guided by Members in this way, however, in the past we’ve found that a dedicated Conference steering group has been challenging in its recruitment but also in ensuring relevant content is achieved for our key audience whilst ensuring specialised content for certain roles.

Alongside the usual call out for sector content and good practice workshops (which we feel are vital and a strong element of the EAUC conference), we will be ring-fencing a number of workshop sessions within the various streams (see below) and we will be need the help of the MAC to determine the content for these sessions to fit with the theme, what is needed from the sector and really challenges and pushes our delegates.

About Conference sessions

There are 6 sections within the Conference (over 2 days) where sessions will be scheduled and during these times, five sessions will run concurrently.

To ensure we cater fully for our core sustainability professionals, the more specific roles the Conference appeals to (waste managers, travel managers, energy managers , academics, students etc) and roles from further education, this year we have split the Conference into two full days of content split by theme and then each day has a separate Summit with sessions running concurrently, plus its own plenary.

We hope that this provides more value and content for the more specific roles based on a one day only attendance. For those attending the whole Conference, they will receive a full spectrum of content and the ability to tailor their days based on their specific areas of interest within each stream. Summit content can be attended by all delegates.

Day 1

24 March

  • Estates and Operations - This stream incorporates aspects of biodiversity, sustainable ICT, utilities, travel, transport, construction and renovation, resource efficiency and waste

  • Further Education Sustainability Summit - Focused content for those working to embed sustainability into a college context

Day 2

25 March

  • Partnership and Engagement - This stream incorporates aspects of business and industry interface, community and public engagement and procurement and suppliers

  • Leadership and Governance - This stream incorporates aspects of leadership, staff engagement and human resources

  • Learning, Teaching and Research - This stream incorporates aspects of learning, teaching and student engagement. It also covers research, including both sustainable research and research into sustainability.

  • Leading Innovation Summit - Presenting international, leadership and out of sector strategies and approaches to sustainability

We are also having 2 plenary sessions per day to bring everyone together for high impact and quality speakers. We know this is a critical element that we need to get right in 2015. We will also have a night before (23rd March) casual get together in the city centre for drinks and will retain the Gala Dinner but this will take place on night 1.

MAC involvement

So that’s what the Conference looks like in outline. What we now need is some volunteers to help us carve out the content. We need a couple of volunteers for each of the following streams/summits:

1. Estates and Operations
2. Further Education Sustainability Summit
3. Partnership and Engagement, Leadership and Governance & Learning, Teaching and Research
4. Leading Innovation Summit

Involvement for the MAC will include:
• Providing themes and ideas for the ring-fenced sessions
• Providing feedback on the recommended sessions received from the Member call out
• Being sounding board on the theme

The time commitment should not be too much with the majority of communication taking place over direct email with Lisa Walkley (not the MAC jiscmail). There will be no weekly teleconferences.

Please can I receive volunteers with your preferred stream/summit by Friday 31 October.

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