Promoting Poverty Aware Procurement on Campus

An Exciting Project on Sector Procurement and International Development

Building on the success of the Sustainable Procurement Project, the EAUC was pleased to announce a follow-on project funded by UK Aid from the Department for International Development (DFID).

The Promoting Poverty Aware Procurement on Campus (PPAPC) project completed at the end of March 2010. Sustainable procurement is rising up the agenda and as a result social issues, such as poverty, are now being highlighted too. Being aware of poverty issues has a huge impact on the choices we make when procuring goods and services and ultimately has a knock on effect on supply chains.

The deliverables from this project were produced to help you at any stage of the procurement process within your institution. For specific commodity information, the Commodity Information Sheets will provide valuable information to a particular commodity or service highlighting the main issues, any accreditations to look out for and recommendations. For the purposes of this project, 14 commodity areas were researched and include:

In addition to the Commodity Information Sheets, two reports were produced. The Poverty Aware Procurement Guidelines Report uses the information sheets to allow the reader to easily access summary information from all the sheets across the relevant issues and responses while the second report addresses the principles if poverty aware procurement. The Guidance for Changing the Procurement Process Report outlines ‘how to’ integrate poverty awareness into the procurement process within your institution and provides examples of a policy statement and poverty specific criteria to write into your policies and practices.

Both of these reports begin by outlining who the document is for and how to use it and is followed by background into why poverty awareness is so important and why the decisions we make through the procurement practices within institutions can affect so many.

Communication materials

The final delivery area of this project focuses on communication materials. Good communication and effective dissemination is vital to its success. As a result a suite of resources have been created by the way of Podcasts and Video Clips to support awareness raising.

Five talking head videos were produced from key people within and out-with the sector to highlight the issues of poverty aware procurement. These include:

  • Iain Patton, Chief Executive EAUC Introduces the project (4:06)
  • Alastair McIntosh, Author, Activist & Fellow of the Centre of Human Ecology in Scotland (3:26)
  • Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud, Director of Corporate Relations, WWF International (5:14)
  • Peter Sulston, The Sustainable Catering Consultancy (1:21)
  • Jim Cranshaw, People and Planet (3:59)

In addition, three podcasts were also produced and include:

  • Tim Smit, Chief Executive the Eden Project
  • Mike Barry, Head of Sustainable Business, Marks and Spencer PLC
  • Paul Cross, Associate Director Strategy, Business and Finance Oxford Brookes University

The project began in September 2008 and recruited universities and colleges in the north of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The project ended in March 2010.
Working with key sector procurement agencies and consortia, the project aims to raise sector awareness of the link between procurement of goods and services from developing countries, and poverty.

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