Our Sustainability Promises

Here are our sustainability promises

Member value

  • We send our invoices electronically saving paper
  • We run all our events using our sustainable events ethos
  • We only use 100% recycled paper
  • We promote the use of technology to reduce travel by promoting webinars and increased use of teleconference

Member impact

  • We work with our suppliers to ensure they follow our sustainability aims
  • We only print when we really need to and use the highest environmental standards
  • We support our local community by our staff volunteering for local charities

Member innovation

  • We promote the dissemination of good practice through electronic case studies and videos
  • We work with our community using local suppliers
  • We only use Fairtrade tea and coffee (staff and at EAUC events)

Member voice

  • We reduce the need to travel to meetings by using video conference
  • We promote the use of public transport and car sharing
  • We compost our food waste

Member transparency

  • We annually audit our offices to find ways to reduce our carbon
  • Each member of staff has a meter to measure and monitor their own electricity usage
  • We bank ethically using the Co-operative Bank