New Member Service Feedback - Sustainable Solutions


We are pleased to announce a new Education Member support service called Sustainable Solutions - Consultancy.

To help and support Education Members in these challenging times for the sector where budgets, resources and time are tight we are launching a support service for Education Members which will save Education Members time and money to achieve external advice and support through this consultancy framework. We have set up this new support service to provide Education Members access to discounted consultancy services as well as providing a donation scheme which will be ringfenced to benefit wider Education Member services.

This comprises of a selection of organisations who, by using our collective buying power, we have negotiated a 10% discount on their standard rates for Education Members. To provide added value to Education Members the EAUC will provide a 'matching' service by listening to the Education Members needs and then issuing this to our Sustainable Solutions - Consultancy team of experts and then informing the Education Member of who would be interested in the work. It is up to the Education Member to take the next step and any work undertaken is directly between the expert and the Education Member institution and would undergo any of the Education Member institution's normal procurement procedures and are under no obligation to proceed.

We have listened to various Education Members and procurement groups who would like help with identifying sustainable companies instead of trying to do that themselves. We carefully selected our Sustainable Solutions - Consultancy team of experts from a public tender process. Each expert was interviewed and approved through our sustainability approval system involving a PPQ and ITT process, so we know they have robust sustainability policies in place and no environmental prosecutions for example, thus saving Education Members time in selection. Each expert is a Company Member as a condition of being included in the team of experts, so we are confident that they are here to support the sector and have the relevant experience and expertise to support our Education Members. We will review our team of experts on a two yearly basis through the above system. As part of the agreement, our experts have already agreed to provide a 10% discount on their standard rates to EAUC Education Members. Only those who have been selected through the tender process can be included in the Sustainability Consultancy Solutions panel, and is a separate scheme from Company Membership benefits.

Through this unique partnership the wider Education Membership benefits from Education Member institutions using this service. Every time we partner a Education Member institution with our group of experts the EAUC receives a donation from the expert, of 10% of the net value of the contract (limited to a maximum of £1,000). The donation comes direct from the expert and is at no extra cost to Education Member institutions. As a not-for-profit charity, all donations generated from this service are ringfenced directly for tangible Education Member only resources, such as case studies and guides. So by using this support service Education Members are also helping improve services to the wider Education Membership. We will also be engaging with the Sustainable Solutions - Consultancy panel to develop free tools such as webinars, videos, case studies and guides to promote learning and sharing experiences with Education Members - this is part of the agreement with the Sustainable Solutions - Consultancy experts that they provide this free of charge for the benefit of Education Members. We will include in our annual report on the impact of this service and report on the ringfenced income generated and how this benefited Education Members.

We have provided the following webpages (currently hidden) to explain the new service:

  • A summary of the new Member service -

  • A summary of the experts - - Please note that 2 of the experts - Revise and Future-Tech - are also Members of the MAC

  • Testimonials from the experts -

The task:

Key questions are:
1. Is the new Member support service - Sustainable Solutions - Consultancy - clear as to how it works?
2. Is it clear that the EAUC receives a donation from the expert at no cost to the institution and this is ringfenced for Education Member only resources?
3. Would it be of value for Education Members to be able to select from a suite of member services how the donation that they have generated from using this service is used? For example, an Education Member could choose a case study or an Insight guide as their preferred Member service to generate.
4 . Any other comments

The Outcome

The feedback consisted of word/grammar changes and these have been implemented and the new Member service has been launched.