New Member Service Feedback - Recommend a Member Scheme


We are aiming to launch a new Recommend a Member Scheme. The Scheme allows existing Members - both Educational and Company Members - to recommend a Member to join the EAUC and in return both parties - the existing Member and the new Member will receive 10% of their Membership Fee.

How the Scheme Works

If you are a Member of the EAUC, you already recognise the benefits that being part of a community of sustainability professionals can bring to you and your institution/organisation. If you know someone who shares our common vision and want them to join our thriving community to make a difference, there has never been a better time to do so than now!

If you think that you know of someone or an institution/company who would benefit from our support and the various services and benefits of that Membership offers, then why not recommend them for EAUC Membership? Have someone in mind – use these links to see if they’re already an Educational or Company Member.
If your nominee joins the EAUC, they will get 10% off their Membership fee. As a thank you, you’ll get 10% off your next renewal fee!

Full details of the scheme can be found at

MAC Task

We would like feedback from the MAC on the following questions:
1. Is the incentive attractive?
2. Are the supplied resources to help promote membership enough/correct? Is anything else needed?


The majority agreed that the incentive was attractive and that the supplied resources to support the service were applicable and adequate.

Following specific feedback we have:
• made improvements to the application form to make it clearer that the application form has to be completed by both the recommender and the recommendee.
• we have included the networking benefits of the Annual Conference in the list of Member benefits

One comment received was regarding that the benefits of the scheme were on an organisational level (i.e. the 10% off the member fee) and not on an individual level (i.e. not benefiting the individual directly). As our membership is based on an organisation level we felt this mirrored the membership. We will review any feedback we receive over the next 6 months on this aspect and if we receive further comments on this basis we will then review again.