Member consultation

In November 2012, we sought the views of our Educational Members, Company Members and Strategic Partners on the next EAUC 5 Year Strategic Framework which will be in place from 2013 to 2017.

Prior to full Member consultation, the Strategic Framework had also undergone consultation with the Member Advisory Council (MAC) and our Strategic Partners which created a draft that incorporated comments from both groups.

EAUC Members were asked to review the draft and answer a number of questions*. This was then reviewed by the Board and a final version has been created. We thank all of our Members and Strategic Partners for their valuable input into our future strategic planning.

Below you will find the results of the Member consultation and the comments and actions taken by the Board to embed your voice into the way we approach the next 5 years.

*5 year Strategic Framework Questions

1. Is there anything in the Strategic Framework that you think shouldn’t be there?

2. Is there anything in the Strategic Framework that you were expecting which is not there?

3. Is the Strategic Framework clear and concise? If not please state why.

4. Do you think it is fit for purpose and will provide the EAUC what is required for the future 5 years? If not please state why.

5. Any other comments?