What is the role of the Member Advisory Council?

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What does the MAC add in terms of value to the EAUC Board and staff?

• An insight to present future member interests, concerns and issues
• Advice on the development of EAUC member services
• Advice on the development of EAUC programmes
• Advice on collaborative opportunities with other groups/organisations
• Connections with potential funders and leaders who can help advance the EAUC’s mission
• Suggestions and advice which can be fed into the Annual Conference content in the form of workshops, case studies and/or seminars
• Suggestions and advice which can be fed into the CPD Programme and
• Insight to feed into all relevant consultation responses.

The MAC consider specific topics and questions that are raised in advance by EAUC staff, Board members or MAC members.

Who can be on the Member Advisory Council?

• The MAC comprises of Members derived from Education Members, Company and Strategic Partner Members
• Representatives of the UK further, higher and learning and skills education sectors and regions
• Membership is determined through a combination of voting by the wider EAUC membership and invitation by the EAUC Board to ensure the MAC is representative of the wide range of contacts we have as Members.

Those considered for the MAC are those with the required presence, influence, knowledge, experience and expertise from within the tertiary education sector. It is critical that the MAC membership strikes a balance between representing specific regions of the UK as well as representing the varied skills and knowledge base of members and the differences between further, learning and skills sector and higher education members.

What is expected of those on the Member Advisory Council?

• Attend in person and contribute fully with all aspects of the MAC meetings
• Become Ambassadors for the EAUC and:
   – Promote membership of the EAUC
   – Promote the EAUC and its work in their presentations and writings
   – Promote the EAUC within their institution or organisation
   – Promote the EAUC to colleagues and identify opportunities for collaboration with other organisations and individuals
• Have a demonstrable commitment to all aspects of EAUC activities and values
• Have a knowledge and practical understanding of the principles and values of sustainability
• Be firmly committed to improving the learning experience of college and university students and to seeing sustainability modelled on campuses and in their surrounding communities
• Be available to staff and Board members to provide ad hoc advice and guidance on issues as they arise.

What is the difference between the MAC and the Board?

The MAC is a body of volunteers who provide advice and support to the staff and Board. The MAC does not have any constitutional or legal responsibilities.

The Board comprises of the Trustees and Directors who are legally responsible for the organisation. The Board are responsible for the strategic direction and financial sustainability of the organisation. All MAC activity it reported to EAUC Board meetings (being able to feed in and report back on the progress and activity of the MAC).

How long is the MAC term?

Each MAC member will have a two-year term, which is renewable for up to another two years upon which they will step down for at least two years.

How and when did the first MAC members get voted in?

Voting will took place over a two week period in July/August 2011 via a secure online voting portal. Voting was open to all individual EAUC members ie one vote per person, not per institution. All current EAUC members were emailed a secure link to the voting portal and encouraged to vote – thank you to everyone who did!

What were the results of the first Member vote?

All 24 nominees received a clear majority of ‘yes’ votes which means all 24 were appointed to the MAC. The fact that each nominee received such a strong ‘yes’ vote (all nominees received over 88% ‘yes’ votes), shows your respect for the role they play in their institution/organisation and the vision they have for the EAUC and the MAC.

View your first ever MAC members here

What is the current split of Member types represented on the MAC?

The split is 16 Educational Members (5 from further education and 11 from higher), 2 Company Members and 6 Strategic Partners. We’re delighted that the MAC is representative of our whole membership base.

Did the EAUC Board exercise their right to select additional MAC members?

No, due to the even split of Membership type, background, experience and skill set within the 24 nominees, the Board did not exercise their right to select any additional MAC members. This decision was reviewed upon receipt of nominations and post Member vote.

How much time do MAC members need to commit?

We encourage MAC members to put in as much time as they can to get the most out of it. As a minimum, 1 day for the annual meeting (whether in person or virtual) and then 1 day for ad-hoc communications and meeting preparations.

How will MAC members communicate and add insight?

The MAC will convene at least annually for face to face discussions and workshops and will engage continually virtually.

How do I keep up to date with what the MAC are doing?

We’ll update you regularly on MAC activity here and in our newsletters. We’ll also store meeting agendas and minutes here so you can always keep up to date.

Can I get in contact with MAC members?

Yes, we welcome EAUC Members to get involved as the MAC is your voice. If you have any ideas or would like to raise a topic for discussion, please get in touch with a MAC member.

Who links the MAC to the EAUC Executive Office?

Fiona Goodwin, EAUC Head of Membership, acts as the MAC Co-ordinator and will bring insight directly into the EAUC Member Services Team so ideas can be turned into action for the benefit of all Members. Email Fiona.

Find out more about the MAC
Find out more about the MAC